28 Pictures from our week

28 Pictures from our week

Hey guys!  Wow, one week from today is Christmas (!!)  We got a bunch of things done over the weekend, so I only have a few more loose ends to tie up this week (including stocking stuffers – this is always difficult for me for some reason).  We are hosting Nathan’s parents for 4 days, and we also have Christmas Eve dinner at our house, so I have some food planning/prep to do.  But you guys know that is my jam 🙂  So with that, let’s get right to 28 pictures from our week.

Now that Reagan has a twin size bed (no more toddler bed!!) she is trying to figure out how much junk (I mean stuff) she can fit in the bed while still leaving room for herself.  So far she’s managed 3 pillows, a chair, a baby carrier, tons of stuffed animals, and more books than I could actually count.  I always wonder how this could be comfortable?

When you grew up in a family of hunters, taking pictures of bucks is commonplace.  I snapped this picture last week and immediately texted it to Nathan and my dad.  Happy guys!

Speaking of hunting, we helped my dad mount this monster elk and 2 deer in his barn yesterday.  And while the elk wasn’t super heavy, it was huge and bulky and required two of us (with my dad supervising) to get it hung.

And here is my dad, happy as can be, “brushing” the elk.  I didn’t realize this was a thing?  He also spent the next 20 minutes sitting in his chair admiring this big guy.  He shot him in Montana when I was in high school I think.

The certified neat freak in me is shaking at this scene.  However, I think I am realizing that it’s much less labor intensive to just leave the snow clothes out for the bulk of the winter.  If we’re going to be using them almost everyday, why not just leave them out?  After all, isn’t this what mudrooms are for?  And yes, that is our elf sitting on the windowsill.  And no, he is not creative like some elves I know.  What can I say – he’s a simple guy!

Friday was a super busy day for Reagan and I!  We started off at the body shop getting my car looked at (luckily it’s fine).  Then to the library for new books.  Then Costco for our weekly shop (and sample fix)!  Then home for lunch, and back out for haircuts.  This is how I felt that afternoon too…

I took the kids out Thursday night in our town for “Thursday night lights.”  First stop – carriage ride!  This was really cute, although it was maybe 20 degrees and we were COLD!

Yes, Reagan is wearing my coat.  Yes, I forgot her coat.  And for the record, I froze my buns off…

Paw Patrol characters at the Courthouse!  Reagan liked the concept of this, but once we got there wouldn’t go near them.  And when I pointed out that they are really just people in costume, she said “I know Mommy – that one is wearing tie shoes.” Nothing gets by that girl!

We’re now at the time of year when we need to keep the fire burning almost all day to keep the house toasty warm.  So when I go home for lunch I always “attempt” to get it going again.  Last week I made Nathan give me a full tutorial, and I have finally been successful!  I was so proud I had to send him a picture 🙂

Last night’s dinner was amazing, and for once was a hit with ALL.FOUR.OF.US.  Grilled chicken thighs (marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, garlic, thyme, salt, and pepper), wild rice, leftover mashed potatoes fried in butter to make a “pancake,” and a Costco chopped salad kit with kale, brussel sprouts, and cabbage.  We literally were licking our plates clean.  I love ending the weekend on this note (and knowing I have enough for leftovers tonight).

This year instead of exchanging Christmas presents among the adults, we decided to do a fun dinner out instead.  Tons of laughs – I don’t remember the last time the adults got together without the kids?  Shown here is my brother-in-law Kyle, sister, brother, sister-in-law Elizabeth, and Nathan and I.

We got quite the laugh out of the drinks these two ordered.  My sister with the more “manly” drink, and my brother-in-law with his girlie martini 🙂

My mom was feeling under the weather, so my parents didn’t join us.  So what did we do?  Surprised her with dessert and Christmas carols.  And anyone who knows my mom knows that our selection of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” was the perfect choice!

Saturday Graham wasn’t feeling the best, so we opted to spend a good portion of the day at home.  Nathan and I did a ton of cleaning while the kids amused themselves.  Here is the “mobile” they made to take to Antarctica.  I love kids’ imaginations!

And Reagan and my Friday trip to the library was a huge success, and the kids spent at least an hour like this.

Saturday night was my brother-in-law’s annual Festivus at his gym.  He had live reindeer, a huge bouncy house, blow-up Grinch, and Santa made an appearance.  It was a pot luck, so everyone brought some really yummy eats.  Unfortunately Graham really started feeling crummy, so we left early.  But the kids enjoyed hanging with their younger cousins for a bit.

My youngest nephew Colton, who is just the sweetest little guy.  He was up past his bedtime and was trying SO HARD to hold it together.  He definitely loves his Uncle Nathan.

My mom thinks Colton looks like Graham when he was a baby.  What do you guys think?

And look who actually got close to Santa!  I swear she’s been playing us this whole time with the crying bit.  But maybe it helps that when we pulled in Santa was sitting in his car?  I guess his sleigh was broken down…

And because we left he party early, I couldn’t help but bring some of these adorable cupcakes home.  Almost too cute to eat (almost)…

Our after school afternoons look a bit like this.  If there is snow on the ground, we are outside playing in it.  Luckily Nathan bought me a huge long down coat for Christmas.  I really hate the cold 🙂

Our master bedroom has gotten a bit of a face lift.  New white quilt from Pottery Barn, throw pillows from Home Goods, and I finally printed some wedding pictures for above our bed.  Now to convince Nathan to build me that faux fireplace I have been wanting…

Snowman rolling at its best.  And yes, those are leaves in the snowballs.  Nathan had just blown and mowed them that morning.  Gotta protect the grass!

Reagan’s best attempt at a scowl.  As Nathan says, “you’re not going to win any beauty contests like that!”

The kids looking super cozy in their pajamas this morning.  Graham’s pants are a bit short, but he wants to keep them until they are officially capris.  Kids are strange…

And I will leave you with this picture from the kids’ Christmas pageant at church yesterday.  We are all definitely getting into the spirit around here, and with just a week between us and Christmas it’ll be here before we know it!  I hope you have a wonderful week and are able to get everything done on your list.  Happy Monday!



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2 thoughts on “28 Pictures from our week

  1. Delurking to say your bedroom and your tree both look so pretty!
    IF you don’t mind sharing what town do you live in? It always seems like there are the cutest things going on. I would travel for the train ride or the night parade, love that kind of thing. Merry early Christmas! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! We live in Flemington, New Jersey (central portion of the state). Thanks for stopping by the blog – and for commenting!

      Merry Christmas to you as well!

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