About me

About me

Hi, I’m Taryn and welcome to my blog!  I truly appreciate you stopping by to read more about my family and how we have achieved our version of healthy.  I currently work as an insurance professional, but have been passionate about the fitness/health industry ever since living in Colorado after college.  That state embodies health to me, as 300+ days of sunshine force everyone outside to enjoy their beautiful landscape.  Out there I met my husband, fell in love with all things active/outdoors, and gained an appreciation for properly fueling my body for all types of adventures.  From skiing to snow shoeing to backpacking to trail running to mountain biking to hiking, we did it all!  I quickly learned that I needed WAY more water than I was used to drinking, and needed higher quality calories in order to fully enjoy these activities.

Ski Colorado

10+ years of marriage, 1 cross-country move, 2 career changes, and 2 kids later – here we are! We still love all things active and outdoors, and have loved introducing our children to this lifestyle.  From the time they were born we felt it was so important to integrate the kids into our healthy and active lifestyle. Jogging strollers, bike trailers, canoes, and hiking backpacks – they have ridden in them all!  And now they are old enough that we are slowly moving onto running 5k races, riding 2-wheelers, paddling their own kayaks, and lacing up their own hiking boots.  And of course seeing Mom and Dad properly fueling their bodies has led them to want to do the same.

You can contact me directly at healthyfamilydefined@gmail.com.  Thanks for stopping by!

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I'm Taryn. Welcome to my blog! I'm a runner, hiker, and fitness enthusiast working every day to model these behaviors for my 2 young children. I have a passion for preparing delicious and healthy food for my family. Keep reading to see how we define our version of a healthy family.

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