What I ate in a day on vacation

What I ate in a day on vacation

I always love reading blog posts that document an entire day’s worth of eats.  It’s easy to look at a picture of a perfectly photographed picture on Instagram and assume a person eats that way all the time.  But an entire day really shows the reality.  So I thought it would be fun to recap what I ate on a day of vacation, as there has definitely been some cheating!

Every morning of my life, regardless of being on vacation, starts with coffee.  Nathan started making our coffee in a french press and you can really tell the difference.  Because my parents are staying in the beach house with us they have half and half in the fridge.  I tried it the first morning and man was it amazing!

I am still practicing intermittent fasting while on vacation, so I packed my beloved protein shake in the morning and brought it with me to enjoy on the beach.  I think I drank this around 11:30am after some intense boogie boarding. Can’t beat the scenery though!

We are packing our lunches everyday to enjoy on the beach.  We brought tons of veggies from the garden, and Nathan grilled 2 whole chickens on the grill before we left to come down here.  Makes prepping for the day much easier!  And we are still enjoying some Jersey peaches down here in North Carolina 🙂  Notice the boogie board table…

Nathan and I left the kids at home with my parents so we could enjoy a date night.  There is this really cool surf shop down here that has an amazing restaurant attached to it.  We enjoyed these burgers topped with crab meat outside while listening to live music and watching the kite boarders take full advantage of the wind.  And the sunset was amazing!

We stopped off for blizzards on our way back home, and I forgot to snap a picture.  I was too excited to dive in apparently!  So here is a picture of my Cookout milkshake from our way down.  Still yummy 🙂

So that’s what I ate in a day on vacation.  Feel free to let me know what you’ve been eating lately.

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