It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hey everyone!  Thanks for all the love on my last post.  Although I am definitely still a work in progress, I am happy to report that the Thanksgiving weekend was exactly what I needed to kind of “reset.”  We had 4 days off, and it was a wonderful mix of family time, accomplishing things around the house, and getting ourselves ready for Christmas.  The only thing missing was relaxing (or generally being lazy).  Does this really ever happen when you have young kids?  So I owe you guys some updates on what’s been going on over here.  So let’s just jump right in!

The kids definitely enjoyed 4 days of “sleeping in” – although that’s kid-speak for 7am MAX.  But we all enjoyed easing into our days instead of the mad race to get out the door in the morning.  The kids would watch some TV while the adults sipped coffee in front of the fire and chatted.  The kids built A LOT of forts, and this particular once was quite creative with a bunk bed for Reagan.  Although after I took this picture World War III erupted over who got to actually lay in the bunk bed.  Sigh…

Nathan and I have been getting really excited about some design projects around the house, and I recently decided to actually do something with all the medals and race numbers laying around.  I owe you guys a picture of the “almost” finished product, but I bought a medal display rack and we hung it right next to the treadmill in our basement.  The next step will be hanging up all the race numbers.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into these medals.

Do anyone else’s kids get obsessed with an outfit and refuse to wear anything else?  What?  Just mine?  Well, Reagan got this outfit as a hand-me-down last week, and I literally had to peal it off of her after day 3 to wash it.  She even slept in it.  And now it’s shoved in her drawers and she hasn’t mentioned it since.  Kids are strange.

I would say Nathan and I are professionals at coming up with projects.  The story behind this tree is Nathan got it for me for Mother’s Day 4 years ago when we had just purchased the property from my parents.  Because we hadn’t started the building process yet, he and Graham planted it for me off to the edge of the property.  Well, this crab-apple tree is doing GREAT, and holds a lot of sentimental value.  So what else could we do but transplant it to our front yard?  After 4 hours of digging (and the root ball almost completely coming apart) my dad came over with his tractor to help move it.  It was an all-day process, but every time I look out the window and see it I get a huge smile on my face.  Mission accomplished.

Yes, our kids have matching camo long underwear (that doubles as pajamas).

The kids and I are suckers for the samples at Costco.  The other day we came home with a package of frozen salmon burgers, and they were a hit all the way around.  Nathan requested asparagus, and I have to admit this is one of the vegetables that I just can’t get behind.  Maybe this spring when we harvest our garden asparagus I will change my mind…or maybe not 🙂

Family picture time on my parents’ porch on Thanksgiving.  It was a wonderful day full of family, food, and love.  And Legos.  My 2-year old nephew LOVES dumping large buckets of Legos on the floor.  Repeatedly.  Sugar and toddlers don’t mix.

And just for fun, here is a throwback to Thanksgiving last year.  I am hoping to get away with taking this same picture for another few years.

This smile says it all.  Nothing makes Nathan happier than being in the fresh air working around the house.  And having some type of off-road utility vehicle is a requirement when you live on a family compound.

2 weekends ago I came up with this genius idea to let the kids eat their lunch in the family room on TV trays in front of the Chiefs game.  Big mistake.  They are officially too young for this.  We will try again in 10 years when they no longer drop every crumb on the floor and wipe their sticky hands on their clothes (or the couch…or the pillows…or my pants).

We got our Christmas tree!  We packed up the kids on Saturday afternoon and headed to a local tree farm.  We had the best time wandering the fields, checking out all the varieties of trees, and taking our time selecting the perfect one.

Graham wanted to help Daddy cut down the tree.  Reagan supervised 🙂

Happy campers.

Requisite family selfie in the field.  Going to a tree farm to select the perfect tree brings back all of these wonderful memories of growing up on a Christmas tree farm.  Every weekend in December was spent out in the field helping customers pick their trees.  Looking back I have no idea how my parents managed that along with regular Christmas craziness.

After getting our tree the kids enjoyed some popcorn, and I bought a few cute things from their little store.  The kids enjoyed seeing the alpacas as well.  Such a fun experience!

Although I really don’t enjoy decorating for Christmas (I blame my mom – she never did either), I definitely am enjoying the end result.  Thanks goodness Nathan is Mr. Christmas, and leads the charge every year.  It’s an all-day affair.

Growing up I had a little fake tree in my bedroom at Christmastime, so I feel strongly that the kids enjoy the same.  Their eyes were so sweet when they saw the twinkling lights as they were going to bed Saturday night.

So these 2 pictures are of Reagan’s first encounter with Santa (2013) and her last encounter with Santa (2016).  And she insists she will NOT sit on his lap or smile this year either.  And to take it one step further, she says she hates Christmas simply because she doesn’t like Santa.  Woah…

LOVE these candles in our windows.  Makes the house so cozy!

And with that, I will leave you with a picture of the kids this morning on their daily “Henry hunt.”  Henry the elf has officially arrived!

I hope you guys are having a great week so far!


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    1. Thanks – same to you! He still has a cut that will most likely become a scar, but he says that makes him look tough? Ha! Hope you’re having a great week. When the Flemington location of my brother-in-law’s gym opens you should join me 🙂

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