Busy and Productive Weekend

Busy and Productive Weekend

Wow!  Monday already?!  Am I the only one who feels like I need a third day in my weekends?  This way I could spend 2 days getting things done, but still have a day to “relax.”  I guess one could dream, right?  Anyway, we had a VERY busy but productive weekend, so let’s get right to it!

Let’s rewind to Thursday night, when I managed to knock out ALL (!!) the teacher and bus driver presents!  I think Nathan thinks I’m crazy, but last year I was racing around with all the nutty pre-Christmas drivers the week before Christmas, and I vowed never to do that again.  So now we have 8 presents under our tree, and let me tell you about the looks of disappointment on the kids’ faces when I told them that Santa hadn’t come early…

Friday after dropping Graham off at the bus Reagan and I headed to my sister’s house to babysit my two little nephews while she squeezed in a few ours of Christmas shopping.  Braxton (just over 2) and Reagan had the best time playing together.  I think it helped that Reagan wasn’t on “home turf,” so she was better about sharing.  Plus what kid doesn’t love playing with someone else’s toys?

I also got to snuggle with my little nephew Colton (6 months old).  He took a bottle, then let me put him down for a nap.  Sleeping babies (in Christmas pj’s no less) are just the sweetest, and this little guy is no exception.  Poor guy was watching the big kids with envy, and I can tell he’ll be right there in the mix once he’s officially on the move.  Although look out big brother!

After babysitting and then dropping Reagan off with my mom, I headed to our office to start boxing things up.  The big move was scheduled for Saturday, but we wanted to move all of the electronics and as many boxes over ahead of time because of the impending snow storm.  5 hours of moving boxes and I was beat!  Here is a picture of the crew at the old office.  Movin’ on up!

Saturday I was at the old office at 8am to meet the movers, who made quick work out of the remaining furniture.  Amazing seeing this space so empty, as I spent 11 years in this office.  But we are destined to bigger and better things!

Once the movers had cleared out the old space and I finished vacuuming, it was time to direct traffic at the new space.  I knew we had a short time frame to work with (my parents were watching the kids) so between my brother, sister-in-law, Nathan and I we were like machines!  Here is the front reception area with a view of downtown Main Street.

We even managed to get some nice Allstate posters hung on the wall (thanks to Nathan).  I was bound and determined to get as much done over the weekend so Monday morning we would come into a nice functioning office.  Mission accomplished!

And yes, putting up the Christmas tree was a must!  Next year we’ll do more decorating, but for this year at least we’re feeling festive with a tree.

Here’s my office.  I might look into getting an l-shaped desk, as the space in here is quite tight for all of my things.  But this desk was my dad’s for 42 years, so it holds sentimental value to me.  We shall see…

After going out for pizza Saturday night, Nathan and I put the kids to bed early so we could watch Bad Moms and eat ice cream together.  We both crashed hard, and were greeted with this view from our bedroom Sunday morning.  Winter wonderland!  We were able to enjoy our coffee in peace while the kids were watching some TV, then we headed to church for their youth Christmas service.  Afterwards Nathan took the kids for new shoes while I headed to Costco then the farm for ground beef.  We met back at the house at 12:30pm for lunch, then headed out to see Santa!

The kids were so cute, and took some time writing out their Christmas lists before we left.  Although they added quite a few things that they are NOT getting this year, as we did our Christmas shopping (err, Internet ordering?) early.  Graham was so cute giving Santa his list, and explaining what certain things were (he asked for an American Ninja Warrior Course)…

And was happy as can be to sit on his lap and take a picture.  The candy cane was just icing on the cake!

Sister bear on the other hand was NOT happy about this, and started shaking uncontrollably when we walked in.  In years past I got away with peeling her off me to sit on his lap for a picture, but this year Nathan didn’t have the heart to do this to her.  So yes, we are that family who has a family portrait with Santa 🙂

Sunday after Santa we spent a few hours outside playing the snow (basically our kids’ dream come true).  First up – snowman!  And yes, he actually has “two eyes made out of coal” courtesy of Nathan 🙂

And the lighting was just perfect, so I made sure to snap some fun pictures of the kids.

And the requisite family picture, which would have looked great on our Christmas card!  I might actually frame this one – I love it so much!

Snowball fight with Daddy.  Nathan is such a big kid when it comes to snow, so the three of them were in absolute heaven!  And I was happy to be the photographer for this…

Next up – sledding!  Although this was basically the smallest sledding hill ever, nobody cared.  The screams coming out of the kids’ mouths were absolute pure joy.

Once we were all cold (and the sun started to set) it was time to head in for showers and warm clothes.  I made meatballs earlier in the day, and they were piping hot and waiting for us when we came in.  Added to that a few jars of our canned tomato sauce and we all basically licked our plates clean.  I used 2 1/2 pounds of meat, and we ate at least 2/3 of it.  I have a feeling that “cooking enough for leftovers the next night” will soon be a thing of the past….

And we ended the night with a cozy fire and opening advent calendars from Grandma before putting the kids to bed and collapsing on the couch.  Again, where is my third weekend day?  No relaxing over here!

So that’s our weekend wrap-up.  This week is pretty normal for us, but this upcoming weekend holds all things Christmas (sibling dinner, Festivus party at my brother-in-law’s gym, and the kids’ Christmas pageant at church).  It really is the most wonderful time of the year!


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