Checking in on vacation

Checking in on vacation

We made it!  After a lot of driving, TONS of traffic, and some pretty dehydrated and cranky kiddos (and adults) we are all settled into our beach house and having an absolute blast!  I’m going to basically just photo dump for this post, as everyone is eager to get back to the beach.  We’ve got waves to ride and sand castles to build!

We left early Saturday morning and drove about 2/3 of the way and stayed in a hotel outside of Virginia Beach.  The kids thought the hotel experience was so amazing!  We swam in the pool, went out to dinner at Chipotle (go figure) and visited the hotel breakfast in the morning.

Graham also ate about 90% of a regular size burrito (and Reagan proceeded to finish the rest).  These kids can sure eat!

I also noticed there was a Cookout across the street from our hotel, and my sister assured me we HAD to get their famous milkshake for dessert.  So after getting the kids settled in bed I ran across the street, and Nathan and I shared them in our hotel room in the dark while the kids slept.  Ha!

My favorite boogie boarders!  We got to the beach around lunchtime on Sunday, and wasted no time making sand angels (Reagan) and checking out the water temperature.  Applying sunscreen after all that was fun…

Surfer girl.  She has little fear of the ocean, and luckily doesn’t mind the life jacket.

This guy has discovered that boogie boarding is just about the best thing ever.  He gets tumbled and gets right back up again.  He’s definitely sleeping well at night 🙂

Insisting on going out to try boogie boarding like brother bear.

She’s a pro already!

Give him some water and sand and he’s a happy boy.

And give her a bucket, sand, and some water and she’ll be content all day.

Sunset out our back porch (through the screens because the mosquitoes are crazy down here!

Monday morning workout before everyone was up.  I started outside but the mosquitoes (and humidity) forced me inside.  I did 3 rounds of:

50 jumping jacks

20 squats

20 squat jumps

20 alternating lunges

15 burpees

25 pushups

30 mountain climbers

Checking out the water on day 2.

Love these 2!

Big brother squeezes before he heads right back to the ocean.  He’s got waves to catch!

Driving on the beach really is the way to go when you have kids.  Just throw all the sandy gear in the bed of the truck and drive it on.  He did bring a mini shop vac for before we leave – the amount of sand in his truck is unreal!

Fun pictures while the clouds were rolling in.  The weather was really strange on eclipse day.  We even saw an upside down rainbow!

Some of the crew.  We have quite the group down here.  My parents, my brother and his family, and another couple who have 2 boys ages 12 and 10.  The 6 kids are having an absolute blast playing together (and the adults are getting a chance to sit down and relax a bit).

This kid told me last night “Mommy, I think I need a day off from the beach – I’m so tired!”

Football game in the ocean.  One of Nathan’s favorite memories so far this trip.

There really is nothing more relaxing than being at the beach and listening to the waves crash on the shore.

We missed the boat on the eclipse glasses thing, but luckily one of the other families on our trip had enough to share.  It really was so cool, and such fun to be on the beach experiencing the whole thing.  Reagan didn’t seem to understand what was happening, and kept telling us she missed the eclipse.  Next time, Sister!

Day 2 was a bit tougher for this one, but luckily after a 30-minute power rest in the tent she had recharged her battery enough to head back out and build more sand castles.

Family portrait at the beach.  I admit I had visions of us all in coordinating colors and a beautiful sunset in the background.  I guess you just need to adjust your expectations sometimes…

Hey, at least we’re all smiling!

And with that, it’s time to get our lunches and gear packed up so we can head back to the beach.  I hope you all are enjoying your week so far.  Halfway there!


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