Day in the Life – November Edition

Day in the Life – November Edition

When reading other blogs, day in the life posts are always my favorite to read for some reason.  And they are really fun to write!  I think it will be fun to look back in a year or two and see how things have changed in our day-to-day activities.  I just wish I had a blog when the kids were babies so I could remember to total mass chaos in our house 🙂  This is from last Wednesday.  Here goes!

6am – Alarm goes off, and I lay there for a few minutes to wake up.  Although I hate the time change in the fall with every ounce of my being, at least it’s starting to get light outside.

6:10am – I’m downstairs unloading the dishwasher and packing up lunches and snacks for the kids for the day.  Nathan is hard at work getting the fire going for the day.  Fun fact: we can heat our house 100% using our fireplace.  Nathan and I are both “hunter-gatherers” and have a strong interest in people who fully live off the land, so this suits us perfectly.

6:20am – I head upstairs to shower and get myself ready for the day.  Reagan wanders in around 6:45am when I am putting on my makeup, and she insists on being involved as well.  She’s definitely a girly-girl at heart (who also loves digging in the dirt for worms and Ninja Warrior Training…)

7am – Graham is still sleeping, so Reagan and I go in to wake him up.  Luckily he wakes up easier than Reagan (on most days) so it’s not hard to get him downstairs for breakfast.  He also LOVES food, so that probably had something to do with this as well 🙂


7:20am – The kids are eating breakfast, and I am working on cleaning up the kitchen and packing my coffee and my morning protein shake.  This is always a fun time for us, as the kids enjoy chatting with me about upcoming fun things.  This morning we talk all about Christmas, and Reagan is hard at work circling everything in her new American Girl catalog that she would like.  Graham makes sure to tell her if her list is too long Santa might not bring her anything.  I’ll let you guess how that went over!

7:40am – The chaos ensues!  I chase the kids upstairs, and it’s a total rat race scrambling to make beds, get dressed, brush teeth, and the always


fun game of “how does Reagan want her hair done that day.”  Luckily we make it out the door right at 8am, and are at the bus stop with time to spare.  Whew!

8:04am – We hug Graham and see him off on the bus.  He blows me kisses out the window.  I wonder how long that will last?

8:10am – Arrive at Reagan’s school and she is a total mess and doesn’t want me to leave her.  She’s either like this or doesn’t bat an eye when I leave, and there is no rhyme or reason to how she will be that day.  I’m just hoping this phase goes away before she goes to kindergarten in September.

8:25am – Arrive at work a few minutes early, open up my computer, and get to work.  I sip on my coffee until around 10:30am when I start to feel the hunger pains start.  Time to eat something!

10:45am – I down my protein shake in minutes flat.  I was starving!  I also text back and forth with my mom and make plans to meet up for lunch.

1pm – I arrive at Panera and find both parents waiting for me.  Such a fun treat, and we really enjoy catching up without the kids competing for their attention.  I normally go to their house for lunch on days I work (I just stop at home real quick for my salad – we live right next door)!  Note: this picture is actually from my birthday, and my sister didn’t join us for lunch, but you get the idea 🙂

1:50pm – I hug them both goodbye, and my mom and I also mention how we desperately need pedicures.  We make tentative plans to go on Friday and bring Reagan along for a little spa day 🙂

3pm – I turn off my computer for the day and head to Reagan’s school to pick her up.  The big question is always “what type of mood will she be in when I pick her up?”  It’s hard to be 4!  Luckily she is pretty smiley, and enjoys showing me her craft from the day and telling me all about her day.

3:25pm – Nathan sent me a text saying we are out of eggs, so we make a quick stop by the farm to grab the last 3 dozen eggs they have.  Reagan insists we visit and pet all of the animals they have, but we unfortunately don’t have time.  Next time!

3:35pm – Graham’s bus arrives, and he walks off with a fat bottom lip and a sad face.  He apparently got hit in the mouth with a football at recess and said it hurt so bad he couldn’t eat his snack.  Poor little guy!  We put coconut oil on it when we get home and that coats it enough so he can eat a little something.

3:50pm – Reagan sets up shop with her art kit, and Graham pulls out his homework.  Because they are content sitting at the kitchen island, I grab the enormous bowl of apples that we picked 2 weeks ago and get to work on some applesauce.  This time I do things a little differently, and the kids both proclaim this to be the BEST applesauce they have ever had.  Mom win!  Recipe to come 🙂

4:35pm – I run upstairs while the apples are baking so I can do a quick wardrobe change (gym night!)  I then come downstairs and make my recovery drink and pack a quick snack to eat on the way to the gym.

4:45pm – Nathan arrives home, and we do the whole “changing of the guards” thing.  I give him the rundown on what’s for dinner and what he still has left to prep,  hug all 3 of them, and jump in the car.

5:25pm – Arrive at the gym.  I do some foam rolling, and class starts promptly at 5:30pm.  I really enjoy these classes so much, and they push me in different ways each week.

6:25pm – Class is officially over, and a few of us stick around to do a fun relay challenge.  We fill blue steps with sandbags, and partner up.  While your partner is pushing the sandbag box across the turf (60 yards total) the other person is doing some ab work with a 10-pound medicine ball.  We do 5 rounds, and we are all laying on the ground totally smoked by the end.

7:10pm – I arrive home, and am so excited about what I see I have to stop and take a moment to really enjoy it.  I know it doesn’t look like much, but when we were designing our house we knew we eventually wanted to have candles in all of the front windows.  We had the electrician install outlets on all of those windowsills, and they are all connected to 1 switch which is on a timer.  Nathan and I finally decided to buy the candles, and he and the kids installed them all while I was at the gym.  Makes such a difference in the outside of our house!  Next step is some exterior lighting for the outside of the house along with the new walkway.

7:15pm – Chat with the kids and Nathan while he is cleaning up the kitchen and they are finishing up dinner.  They both had huge bowls of my applesauce for dessert 🙂

7:30pm – Grab a quick shower while Nathan reads to the kids and puts them both in bed.  I use my new coffee face scrub (details to come) then head downstairs to heat myself up a plate of dinner.  By this point I am beyond hungry, so I make a huge plate.

8:00pm – I dig into my taco bowl with a side of my brother-in-law’s Newell Strength newsletter.  So much great information in here!  If anyone is ever interested in trying out his gym, definitely let me know and I can bring you for a trial class.  And for my Flemington readers, he is opening up a second location in January!

8:30pm – I finish cleaning up the kitchen, and literally face plant into the couch.  Kentucky and Kansas played each other in basketball Tuesday night, but the game didn’t tip until after 9:30pm and neither of us were willing to sacrifice our sleep to watch it.  By some miracle we both went through the entire next day without finding out who won, so we were excited to watch it together.  Always fun when our teams play each other!

9:30pm – I make is aaaaaalmost to halftime, then fall asleep.  I wake up for the last minute of the game, and it’s a close one (but Kentucky couldn’t pull it out in the end).  Bummer.

10:15pm – I stumble upstairs and literally am asleep minutes after my head hits the pillow.  Good night!

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