Day in the Life – Summer Edition

Day in the Life – Summer Edition

I absolutely LOVE day-in-the-life posts!  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe I like seeing how other moms manage their time.  Maybe I like feeling like I’m not alone in this rat race.  Or maybe I’m just nosy 🙂  But whatever the reason, I enjoy writing these so much.  I think it’s fun to look back and see how things have changed, and with the kids growing and changing on a seemingly daily basis, these posts are great to capture these memories.  I decided to document a recent weekday morning to show how different our schedule has been this summer.  I might be one of the only moms anxiously awaiting the start of school.  It definitely seems like our schedule is less hectic during the school year (at least now when the kids are young).  So here you go!

5:45am – alarm goes off, and although the sun is streaming through my windows I hit snooze and immediately fall back to sleep.  For some reason waking up before 6am is so painful for me!

5:50am – Nathan’s alarm goes off, so we both hop up and quickly make the bed.  After almost 12 years of marriage I have learned to not try and hold a conversation with Nathan until he is fully awake (which sometimes doesn’t happen until he’s left the house and has had his coffee).

5:55am – I’m downstairs unloading the dishwasher, putting away anything that was left on the counters the night before, and packing the kids’ lunches and snacks for the day.  I do prep all of this ahead of time, so it takes no time at all to put the food in their cooler bags and add cold packs.  I’m hoping to start transitioning Graham (my 6-year old) to helping with making/packing lunches and snacks this year.

6:10am – I hop in the shower and start getting myself ready.  I have started bringing my phone into the bathroom and listening to Pandora while I’m getting ready.  I don’t hear Graham get out of bed and he TOTALLY scares me when he walks into the bathroom and yells “boo!”  Got me this time buddy 🙂  He is really cute and sits on the windowsill and watches the mama deer and her twins eating grass from our front yard.  We talk about what fun things are planned for camp that day.

Picture from earlier this summer

6:45am – Graham is getting antsy, and I can tell he needs a playmate.  So I send him into Reagan’s room to wake her up.  That can go one of two ways, but this morning she is happy to see him and the dynamic duo are off to find some trouble to get into.  Hey, at least they are quiet!

7am – I am dressed and the kids and I head downstairs.  We say goodbye to Nathan, and I start taking breakfast orders.  Big mistake.  They each request something different, and it takes longer than it should to make their breakfasts.  Still trying to streamline this process – suggestions welcome!

7:15am – both kids are happily eating, so I make my protein shake, fill up my water bottle, and get my coffee ready to go.  We recently started using a french press, and Nathan makes our coffee each morning and leaves mine in a travel mug.  So I just have to add milk and I’m good to go.

7:25am – I start (keep) nagging the kids to stop fooling around and eat their breakfast.  I could probably just make an audio of this and start playing it around 7:20am every morning.  For some reason on the weekends they fly through breakfast, but during the week it’s painful to get them to finish up.

7:30am – I am chasing the kids upstairs (the only way to get Reagan up there sometimes).  Both kids get dressed, we brush teeth, make beds, and I attempt to wrangle Graham to put on his sunscreen.  Reagan LOVES sunscreen (she call it her makeup) but Graham has always hated it.  You would think by age 6 he would be used to this, but nope.  I told Nathan he is in charge of sunscreen during our beach vacation later this month.

7:45am – it’s total chaos in the house – the kids are putting their shoes on, I’m trying to gather all of my things, and we are packing bags into the car.  Both kids insist they need to bring a stuffed animal in the car, so that adds another layer of fun.  Luckily we are pulling out of the driveway just a few minutes after my target time of 7:45am.  School mornings we don’t leave the house until 8am, and I swear those 15 minutes makes such a difference!

8am – We get to camp, and the kids and I walk inside to drop Graham off.  This is his first summer doing camp, and he LOVES it!  This is his last week (it’s a 6-week camp) and they have so many fun activities planned for the campers.  He’s made great friends and been so busy and active.  Both kids will definitely be doing this camp next summer.

8:09am – Reagan and I are back in the car and driving to her school.  She requests the Trolls soundtrack, and we both sing away.  We do a lot more driving in the summer because Graham’s camp is a 15 minute drive in the opposite direction of Reagan’s school and my work, but she’s been a trooper and it gives us time to just chat.

8:25am – We arrive at Reagan’s school.  She recently transitioned to the 4-year old room, and she’s doing GREAT!  I chat with her teacher a bit then quickly jump back in the car to head to work.

8:35am – I arrive at work just 5 minutes late.  Not bad!  I’m exhausted already from all the running around, and am more than happy to sit at my computer and drink my coffee.  I’ll also been working on increasing my water intake recently.  So my goal is always to drink 2 of these 32oz water bottles before I go home for lunch.  I also try and drink an entire 32oz before I drink any coffee in the mornings.  Luckily this is fairly easy for me during the summer.

10:30am – I start getting hungry, so I pull out my protein shake to enjoy at my desk.  Hits the spot every time!  With Nathan’s garden doing so well this year we’ve got tons of extra greens.  So I added a huge handful to my shake when I blended it up earlier that morning.  I love getting in a serving of greens in the morning!

1pm – Lunch time!  For some reason going home for lunch during the week is very therapeutic for me.  I always make a point of straightening up the house whenever we leave (a habit I got into when our old house was on the market and has stuck with me ever since) so it’s always very tidy and neat when I walk in the door.  And because there are no kids running around like lunatics, I can just eat my lunch at the dining room table, read my book, and relax a bit.

2pm – Back at work.  I try to squeeze a few more things in before I need to leave for the day.

3pm – Time to go pick up Reagan.  I decided to surprise her and took her favorite stuffed animal and buckled it into her carseat (and put her blankie on the stuffed animal’s lap).  Clearly she thought this was amazing.  I love being a mom and surprising the kids with simple things that brings them so much joy.

3:15pm – After packing up her bags we jump into the car to pick up Graham at camp.

3:35pm – Arrive at Graham’s camp and sign him out for the day.  He is sweaty, thirsty, and tired from the day.  But he’s got a smile on his face which makes me so happy.  He had a field trip to the bowling alley, and was excited to tell me all about it on our way home.

3:45pm – Time to get BACK in the car to drive home.  During the drive Graham tells me all about camp, and Reagan tells him all about her day at school.

4pm – We are home and I can tell both kids just need some chill time.  This part of the day almost always looks the same.  I spend time unloading the car, emptying their lunch bags, and doing any dinner prep for that evening.  I also walk around and put away anything that’s laying around (which anyone with kids knows is a constant battle)!  During this time the kids *usually* play really well together since they’ve been apart all day.  This day they setup camp in the living room and start a band (using a nerf gun, playing card tin, and tinker toys).  Love their creativity!

4:30pm – Graham asks to go outside to play baseball, so we all head out.  Graham and I play catch while Reagan awards each of us with stickers every time we make a catch.  It’s quite amusing for everyone.

4:45pm – Reagan is tired of the sticker game and asks me to push her on the swings.  Both kids swing for a bit until the heat forces us inside.  Side note: anyone else walk around barefoot outside as a kid?  I know I did.

5:15pm – I tell the kids it’s time to shower and bathe.  I started doing this about a year ago, and it’s been a huge game changer for me.  They are clean and in pajamas BEFORE they eat dinner.  So once dinner is ready we head right upstairs for books and bedtime.  During the summer I try and get them both in bed no later than 7:30pm, as they have to get up a bit earlier than during the school year.  Plus summer activities definitely wear them out more.

5:30pm – The kids are both clean, so we head downstairs so I can start getting dinner ready.  Graham plays more music while Reagan sets the table for me. She is definitely more into helping out around the house – we are going to implement a chore chart come September.

5:45pm – It’s Taco Tuesday!  This is always a favorite with the kids (and me as well)!  We load every topping imaginable into taco shells and happily chat about our days while we eat.  

6:10pm – We are done, so the kids go back to playing while I clean up the kitchen.  They start getting a bit rambunctious, so I send them upstairs.  Once they are settled up there and quiet, I decide to vacuum and mop the hardwood floors downstairs.  Gotta sneak chores in when you can!

6:30pm – Time for books!  I let the kids each choose 2 books, and we all snuggle in the couch and read.  Definitely a highlight of any day, as the kids are always content sitting and reading books.

6:55pm – We are finished reading, so we all pile into the bathroom to brush teeth.  This is generally a crazy time in our house, as there is always battling over who is going to squeeze the toothpaste, who gets to be first on the stool, etc.

7pm – Time for bed for both kids.  I tuck Reagan in first, then go into Graham’s room to say goodnight.  They are both tired, and so am I.  Early bedtime for the win!

7:05pm – Since I got the kids in bed early tonight, I decide to do a mini facial.  I need to write a post about this, but I am LOVING my new “grown up” skincare routine.  It takes a bit longer at night, but my skin feels so soft afterwards.

7:10pm – I sneak into Graham’s room to see if he’s still awake.  Tired boy…  I give myself a pat on the back for getting him in bed so early.  Summer camp wears this kid out, and some mornings we literally have to DRAG him out of bed.  Luckily his next 2 weeks of camp don’t start until 9am which will give us a bit more flexibility with bedtime and sleeping in.

7:15pm – I wash off my mask and brush my teeth.  I love being completely ready for bed before I head downstairs for the evening, as 9 times out of 10 I pass out on the couch before 10pm and I wind up shuffling up the steps and crawling right in bed.

7:30pm – I survey the downstairs and debate if I want to do any more chores.  I consider working on our family’s 2016 photo book.  But instead I decide to sit my butt on the couch and catch up the The Bachelorette.  Anyone else completely over this season?

8:30pm – Nathan gets home from the gym and immediately showers and starts making his dinner.  He eats quite the meal on gym nights, and we catch up on our days while he is getting things ready.  His meal – 2 cups of rice, 1 cup of black beans, 8oz of ground beef, salsa, 12oz of raw milk, and 2 cups of rice pudding.  He is generally sweating by the time he’s done…

9pm – We turn on a new show, Listed Sisters on HGTV.  We make it about halfway through before my eyes are getting heavy.

9:50pm – Head upstairs and crash into bed.  Good night!


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