Fun eats – Camping Style

Fun eats – Camping Style

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We are now officially halfway through the week – I still can’t get over how fast the weeks seem to be flying by lately.  We are in the home stretch of school, and luckily things have been pretty laid back for Graham as he finishes up.  We have a busy weekend ahead, which I am already getting excited about.  Yeah for summer!

I know I already gave you a detailed rundown on how I prepped for our camping trip, so now I owe you some fun pics of the actual meals as we ate them on the trip!  And I promise, this is my last post about our camping trip.  Can you tell we had a blast?!

My chicken, bean, and cheese burrito was SO GOOD, especially because it was cooked over an open flame.  Too bad we can’t have campfires every night…

Loaded oatmeal raisin cookies.  This looks so innocent, but I went back for at least 2 more after these were consumed.  And I ate them multiple times a day.  Since I made them, they’re kind of healthy, right?  And I was pretty bummed that I left them in the oven a little too long, but my oh-so-mature 5-year old came to my rescue.  “That’s okay, Mommy.  My teacher tells me just because something might not look good on the outside doesn’t mean it’s not good on the inside.”  We can all learn a thing or two from 5-year olds 

This was my beloved breakfast sandwich, which I was the most excited about after all my prepping.  This was an english muffin, egg, bacon, and cheese.  Again, heated up over an open flame took these over the top.  I brought the leftovers to my sister when we got back (she just had her second baby) and she has already asked me for the recipe.

Smores are hands down my favorite dessert EVER.  Most likely because I only have them by a campfire.  Nathan put in a fire ring last fall, so I see many summer campfires and smores in our future.  I am definitely okay with that 

Both kids loved these yogurt parfaits.  It was plain full-fat yogurt, sliced strawberries, and granola.  The strawberries made a sort of barrier between the yogurt and granola so the granola stayed crunchy.  Seeing that the kids have been asking for them all week, I see me making these and storing them in the fridge for quick breakfasts.  

This was my lunch on Saturday and Sunday.  Homemade chicken salad, baby carrots, a Babybel, and pretzel thins.  I finished this meal with way too many oatmeal raisin cookies…

Sorry, but I had to include another smore picture.  I can’t even count how many I consumed over the 48 hours we were away.

Saturday night dinner of scout stew.  Burger, potatoes, onion, carrots, and corn covered with Lipton Soup mix.  With drop biscuits and a cream soda on the side. Anyone else grow up on cream soda?  It really is the best!

So that’s it for camping eats.  We are going back the first weekend in October, and I will definitely be referring back to these posts for meal ideas before we go. Your turn – what’s your favorite camping food?  What foods transport you right back to your childhood?

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