Glimpse into a typical Thursday

Glimpse into a typical Thursday

Hey there!  I hope you guys had an awesome weekend.  We were really busy on Saturday with cub scouts, basketball, and date night, but Sunday the weather was warm and we took advantage and spent all afternoon outside.  It was glorious!  So I know I have done a few day-in-the-life posts (they really are so much fun to write) but I realized I normally talk about days where I go to the gym.  So today I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into a typical Thursday for me.  Here goes!

5:30am – alarm goes off.  Nathan and I jump out of bed and immediately get dressed into workout clothes.

5:40am – While Nathan gets the fire going I start unloading the dishwasher.

5:45am – Head to our basement gym and start our daily “sweat.”  My muscles are sore, so I opt for the treadmill.  I do some intervals followed by incline jogging.  Doesn’t take long to sweat on the treadmill!

6am – After some foam rolling and belly breathing we head upstairs to start the day.

6:05am – I decide to finish off the last of our BCAAs, which I can’t successfully get out of the container so I just add water and a straw.  The band-aid is from a biopsy I had on the spot in my hairline.  Unfortunately it came back as basal cell carcinoma (the most common form of skin cancer) and I will be having a small surgery to remove it this week.  Just a reminder to wear sunscreen (and I’ll be wearing a hat all summer from now on as well).

6:10am – Finish unloading the dishwasher and pack lunches, snacks, and waters for everyone.

6:15am – Throw in the first (of 5) loads of laundry.

6:20am – Hop in the shower and get myself ready for the day.

7am – Open both kids’ doors and start singing and trying to rouse them.  On a weekend day they are up by now, but weekdays they like to sleep in.  How do they even realize what day it is?

7:10am – They are both downstairs, and Nathan attempts to start preparing breakfast while simultaneously trying to make them laugh.  Reagan can be a tough sell in the morning – she wakes up like Nathan (ie: don’t talk to me for at least 20 minutes).

7:15am – Nathan leaves for work, and I start getting my things together while the kids eat.  We chat about the day, and I remind them they have swim lessons tonight.  I always liked having things to look forward to as a kid, even if it was small.

7:40am – I send the kids upstairs to get dressed and make their beds while I finish cleaning up the kitchen and load some things into the car.

7:45am – I come upstairs to find that they are playing in Graham’s room together (still in pajamas and beds unmade).  I put on my strictest “mom face” and the kids realize I mean business.  And Graham asks me why I yell sometimes?  Well kid, if you did what I asked you the first 3 times…

7:55am – Change over the laundry.  Coats and shoes on, and we all load into the car.  Reagan decides at the last minute that she needs to bring her pirate ship to school because they are learning the letter “p.”  Oh, “and a small stuffed animal and a small toy too, Mom.”

8:02am – Arrive at the bus stop with not much time to spare.  Reagan stays in the car because it’s freezing, and Graham blows me kisses from the bus window.  I hope that never stops…

8:15am – Arrive at Reagan’s school for drop-off.  Thankfully this has gotten much easier lately.  She happily runs off to play with her friends and barely looks back as I leave.

8:25am – Arrive at work, open my computer and start sipping my coffee.  I tend to spend 2 hours on my coffee, which helps me in extending my intermittent fasting window (I’m trying to get closer to 16 hours/day).

11:am – I’m getting hungry, so I break out my protein shake and go to town.  Cashew milk, protein powder, peanut butter, raw oats, and frozen strawberries.

1pm – Lunch break!  On Thursdays I always spend my lunch break grocery shopping.  I prefer getting this out of the way before the weekend hits, plus I’m much quicker (and less likely to get sucked into impulse buys) if I don’t have the kids with me.

1:35pm – Arrive home with the groceries, and run inside to unload.  I only put away the cold food, and leave the pantry items to be put away later (gasp).

1:40pm – Because I have an extra 5 minutes I run upstairs and change over the laundry.  I know there are a lot of people who embrace the whole “load of laundry every day” philosophy, but I am not one of the them.  I would rather do 5 loads of laundry once a week than 1 load every day.

1:45pm – Back in the car to head back to work.

2pm – Sit down at my desk and take out my salad and apple for lunch.

3:05pm – Shut down my computer and head out to pick up Reagan.  Guzzle water on the way there.  I try and drink at least 4 of these bottles each day.

3:15pm – Pickup Reagan, and get back into the car to meet Graham’s bus.  She tells me all about zumba and the breakfast pizza they had for lunch.  I tell her I bought blueberries at the grocery store, and she gets super excited.  Kid loves fruit!

3:30pm – Arrive at the bus stop, and we spend a few minutes fooling around while we wait.  Reagan plays with the sunroof buttons, and thinks it’s fun to peak her head out and watch for the bus.

3:40pm – Graham’s bus arrives right on time.  He’s smiling, and holds my hand while we cross the street.  He always has a lot to say when he gets home, and Reagan fights for air time while they both attempt to tell me stories about their days.  I know it won’t always be like this, so I try and embrace the noise 🙂

3:45pm – Pull into the garage and unload everything.  I spend the next 10 minutes unpacking lunch and snack bags while I send the kids upstairs to get dressed for swim lessons.  This is their second week, and thankfully they love it.  I hear a bit of negotiation upstairs as to what towel they each want to bring, and come up to find ALL.THE.TOWELS spread all over the floor.  At least they are dressed…

4pm – Change the laundry over again.  Stoke the fire.  Vacuum the hearth stone (we have a special metal vacuum for this).  The kids sit down for a quick snack while I pack the pool bag.  I grab a quick snack too.

4:20pm – Graham and I play “snowball fight” for a few minutes – his new favorite game!

4:25pm – Leave for swim lessons.  I eat a Larabar on the way there.

4:35pm – Arrive, pack our bags into a locker and head into the pool area.

4:45pm – Swim lessons start.  Both kids have their lessons at the same time, but are in different groups.  I spend some time videoing for Nathan, and also am able to read a bit of my book.  

5:30pm – Swim lessons are over, and both kids are freezing.  Dry off, then head into the mass chaos that is the kids’ locker room.  The kids do a quick rinse-off in the shower, then dry clothes.  I pack up all the wet stuff and we head out to the car.  I make a mental note to bring pajamas next time.

6:00pm – Arrive home, and I notice the kids’ sledding gear is still in the mudroom.  Tell myself I will put it away “later.”  Spoiler alert: it didn’t happen.

6:05pm – Reagan notices the grocery bags in front of the pantry and decides to help “put them away.”  I guess by put them away she meant “build towers.”  And yes, this scene was waiting for Nathan when he got home from the gym (minus the Chiefs fan).

6:10pm – Send the kids upstairs to change into pajamas while I make dinner.  I keep things simple with butternut squash ravioli (which isn’t a hit by the way – I guess regular cheese ravioli is best).  Reagan eats a few, but Graham opts for a bowl of meat sauce instead…

6:45pm – I send the kids upstairs to brush their teeth while I clean up the kitchen (and ignore the mess Reagan made in front of the pantry).

6:55pm – Come upstairs to see that neither kid has brushed their teeth, but they are picking out books in the library instead.  Close enough.  We sit down to read, and begin the nightly negotiation of whose book to read first (even though all the books are essentially for both kids).

7:15pm – Nathan gets home from the gym, and comes into the library to say hi.  The three of them begin their “lets get as riled up as possible before bedtime, especially because Mommy is putting us to bed tonight.”  Awesome.

7:30pm – The kids go into the bathroom to brush their teeth for real this time (supervised by me).  They then begin to argue over who gets to be put to bed first.  Seriously, my kids can make anything into a competition.  And yes, they are competing over who gets to go to bed first…

7:45pm – Lights out for both.  I head BACK into the laundry room to collect all of the clean clothes, and then start the fun of folding it all.  I do the kids’ laundry separate from mine and Nathan’s, which makes the process sliiiiiiiightly less painful.  Graham is asleep within minutes.  Reagan is still singing away in her bed.

8pm – Come downstairs with mountains of laundry to fold.  I setup shop in the living room and chat with Nathan while he is making his dinner (he eats something different from us on his gym nights).  Finish folding clothes and bring the laundry baskets upstairs to be put away in the morning.

9pm – Literally collapse on the couch.  Nathan and I watch an episode of Amazing Race while he eats.

9:45pm – I can’t keep my eyes open, so I head upstairs to unwind in bed with a book.  I check on Reagan first, who fell asleep with her light on because apparently she is now “afraid of the dark.”

10pm – Lights out – zzzzzz…

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6 thoughts on “Glimpse into a typical Thursday

  1. I love how real this post was!! (Not to say that the other ones arent..) but I love how much you admit and reveal. Sorry to hear about the biopsy, but glad that it isn’t anything more serious!

    1. Thanks, Krupa! I try to “keep it real” on here as much as possible (but it’s a fine balance because I also want people to come to this space for a positive message as well). Thanks again for visiting (and commenting)!

  2. Hi Taryn,

    Sounds like Thursday is a full day! Glad Graham and Reagan like swimming lessons 🙂
    Keep my updated on your skin surgery please. Praying it’s not too painful.
    Give the kiddos kisses and hugs for me please!
    Good night!

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