Happy Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween 2017

Well, another Halloween in the books – and it was a fun one!  So I wanted to share some pictures from our day yesterday.  It was hectic but fun, and luckily I took lots of pictures to remember the day.  So here goes!

Graham’s parade was at 9am, so after putting him on the bus and dropping Reagan off at school I headed right over.  It was cold and WINDY!  But the kids were all so cute marching around, and his eyes lit up as soon as he saw me.  I love how he kept waving every time he walked by.

Here he is posing with his friend.  All of the 1st grade teachers dressed up as 1st graders – it was really cute!  And his bus driver wore the most adorable Cruella De Vil costume.   I love how magical and fun this holiday is for kids.

This year their parades were at different times, so as soon as Graham’s was over I rushed right over to Reagan’s school.  She was cute when she first came out, scanning the crowd for me.  As soon as she saw me she started waving like crazy.  I’m so glad I made it to hers this year!  And when the parade was done her class serenaded us with the cutest rendition of “Shake Your Bones Out.”  I’m telling you, she’s going to be on stage one day…

Nathan left work an hour early, so we got to start trick-or-treating at a reasonable hour.  Neither kid was thrilled with taking these pictures (they had candy to collect!) but they were good sports.

After this picture they both opted for comfort – Graham took off his mask and Reagan took off her earrings.  I guess they didn’t want anything to slow them down!

Having fun with the timer on my phone.  I love that we now have a front stoop and walkway – and check out the beautiful tree reflection in the windows!  The kids were also so proud of their pumpkins they carved.  Holidays are definitely getting more fun as they get older.

Come on, Dad – let’s go!  

These kids definitely got their exercise last night!  The houses in our development and pretty spread out with longer driveways.  But that didn’t stop them…

They took turns ringing doorbells, and were so polite talking to the neighbors.  Because we were the only people out trick-or-treating, we had a lot of VERY happy people (I have a feeling it’s been years since they’ve gotten any trick-or-treaters).

Many of the houses were decorated for Halloween, which was really fun.  And we got to meet some neighbors we hadn’t met yet!

The kids were so cute peering in the windows after ringing the doorbells.  We definitely caught quite a people off guard – ha!

Even though she’s smiling, this was the last house she went to before Nathan took her home for the night.  She’s battling a pretty bad cold, but luckily managed to rally enough to get out and about for a bit.

After dropping Nathan and Reagan off at the house, it was just me and Optimus Prime 🙂

A few neighbors left candy by their mailboxes, which was a cute idea.  And I think we only hit up 2 houses where nobody was home.  One guy even asked Graham to do a trick before he would give him any candy!

He never lost this smile, and just kept telling me how great I was and how happy he was to be out trick-or-treating with me.  He told me this morning “maybe next Halloween we can go trick-or-treating together and Daddy and Reagan can go together too?”  I guess that shows he had a great time!

He insisted on ringing our doorbell when we got home, and Reagan was excited to drop some candy in his bag.  Unfortunately that was the only trick-or-treater this house saw this year.  

And with that, I will leave you with a fun picture of our house last night with the moon and even a star in the background.  How was your Halloween?  Did you go anywhere different to trick-or-treat?



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