Labor Day Happenings

Labor Day Happenings

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!  For us it’s the last official day of summer, and Graham and I are spending the day together buying school supplies, meeting his teacher, and picking out the perfect 1st day of school outfit. Tomorrow – First Grade!  So with that, I’m going to share a bunch of things going on around here during our last official weekend of summer.  Bring on the fall!  Have I said that already?  Fall is the best!

Remember the 22 pounds of tomatoes we had laying around?  Well, we decided to turn them into sauce.  The vedict – eh.  I don’t think we will do this again.  It’s a TON of work, and I’m sad to say the end result wasn’t as good as store bought.  If anyone has a good tomato sauce recipe for canning that doesn’t require an entire day in the kitchen I’m all ears!  Otherwise, we need another strategy for next summer.

Another star performer this summer has been green beans.  Luckily I discovered that you can freeze them, so we now have 12 of these bags in our freezer, and I have a feeling we’ll be adding a few more before the green beans quit for the summer.  It’s going to be a yummy winter in the McLean house!

The cooler mornings have motivated me to get out of bed early and lace up my running shoes.  There really is nothing better than fall running!  My dad bought this shirt for me right around the time Graham was born and I was training for my first postpartum half marathon.  My dad knows nothing about running, and I truly believe he thinks I’m fast enough to be in the Olympics.  I treasure this shirt, and I always feel kind of bad a$$ whenever I wear it.

Big boy all ready for his first day of school tomorrow!  I couldn’t handle the fuzz (and sweat) for another day.  He definitely stays much cooler this way 🙂

I love this view!  The planning, designing, and building of this house took the better part of 5 years, and all of the pain is definitely worth it when I stand outside and look at our dream house on the same piece of land my family sold Christmas trees from for my entire childhood.

Snuggling with my kiddies in the morning and drinking coffee is one of my favorite things lately.  Reagan’s blankie wanted to say hi as well.  This thing literally never leaves her side…

Labor Day dinner.  Grilled and shredded chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, and corn.  And that pile in the middle?  Chicken skins.  Reagan is obsessed 🙂

Graham crashed and burned on his bike again.  He was so worked up about the scrapes and bruises he could see that we didn’t tell him about this.  Nathan poked around quite a bit and Graham said his back didn’t hurt?  And his helmet?  Let’s just say thank goodness he was wearing it!  My dad always says “where there are railroads there’ll be wrecks.”  I would say this is doubly true when you have a boy!

Not a great picture because of the lighting, but SUSHI DINNER!  My parents invited the 4 oldest grandkids over for dinner and a movie (and lots of sugar) so the parents could go out solo.  I forgot how good sushi is!  And the rest of our date?  Much needed shopping that never happens with the kiddies in tow.  We’re wild and crazy!

Somehow the kids found the folder where I’ve been keeping all of their artwork, and really got the biggest kick out of it!  Now to come up with some type of storage system so the paperwork doesn’t take over our house…

Full post on this coming up next week, but Saturday was a 10-hour day of manual labor.  Our 12-year old niece came over to be a mother’s helper, which was a godsend so we could work uninterrupted.  We could barely move on Saturday evening, but the effort was so worth it.  I can’t wait to share!

Our little animal lover saving a frog from one of our window wells.  He was bound and determined to keep him as a pet, but luckily Nathan explained that Mr. Frog will be much happier living outside in the woods.

This little girl likes nothing more than helping Daddy work outside.  She was so proud of the 2nd compost pile they built.  She also helped mow, weed the garden, and rake grass clippings.  These hand-me-down Carhart pants are coming in handy!

And with that, I’m shutting down the computer so I can spend the day with my big 1st grader!  I hope everyone is having a great week.  And if your kids are starting school this week, good luck!  And if you are in the path of Irma, stay safe!


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  1. Looks like you did lots of laboring this Labor Day weekend! Can’t wait to see all your landscaping! I always loved the smell of the cooking tomatoes, but yes it was messy with the way the tomatoes “popped and spit.” Happy First Grade to sweet Graham! Kiss him and Reagan for me ❤️❤️

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