Let’s Catch Up Over Coffee!

Let’s Catch Up Over Coffee!

Good morning and happy Monday!  Anyone else feel like the weekend sped past at lightening speed?  Anyone else getting excited for Halloween tomorrow?  We are trying to strike a good balance over here lately between chores/projects, fun family time, and downtime.  It definitely feels the downtime is lacking lately, and we are all feeling it.  But it’s been a fun few weeks with all the fall activities, so I can’t really complain.  So with that, let’s catch up over coffee!

Last Friday the kids and I met Nathan and some other friends of ours for a late afternoon hike at our local reservoir.  Such perfect weather, and I love seeing the backdrop of the fall foliage against the water as the sun is going down.  We even had a picnic dinner outside as it was getting dark.  A fun tradition we have been doing for a few years now.

I have to brag for a second about my “eager reader.”  Graham’s reading has really taken off this year, and with this new-found confidence comes more enthusiasm for reading out loud.  He’s even using inflection in his voice, and he’s constantly offering to read to Reagan (who LOVES it!)  So proud of my big boy.

Although I love sharing pretty food pictures and fun recipes with you, I also need to keep things real around here.  The above pictured “epic fail” happened on a Saturday night when I was trying to multi-task.  Turns out I left out a 1/2 cup of flour (you would think I would have realized this when the dough was pretty runny).  I felt so bad for Nathan, as he was really looking forward to these.  So the wonderful (!!) wife that I am, I made a second batch and read the instructions like 5 times before putting them in the oven.  Reminds me of the time I forgot to add egg to the brownie mix when I was younger.

Last Saturday we took the kids to an estate sale (friend from church) and we all had the best time exploring the various rooms in the house.  The kids were so well behaved we told them they could each pick a Christmas ornament for their tree.  Here is Reagan’s selection.  Glitz and glam all.the.time.

We spend a LOT of time playing on our backyard playground, and I never get tired of looking at this view.  We have grand plans for a deck and landscaping for the back of this house next spring.  And no, we never stop working around here…

Although these two can argue and fight like dogs, they would be lost without each other.  They are basically playing together nonstop unless they are at school or sleeping.  And Reagan just thinks Graham is the funniest thing in the world!

I have perfected my applesauce recipe, and it truly is the best thing in the world!  I have figured out each jar contains roughly 5 apples, and have even started leaving the skins on to speed up the process.  Reagan and I make applesauce every Friday, and it’s generally gone within days.  And it’s only apples, water, and cinnamon.

The kids chose Chipotle last weekend after pumpkin picking (I swear we didn’t bribe them to say that) and this boy annihilated an adult sized burrito with chips and guacamole on the side.  That night when we tucked him into bed he said “I just feel so good because my tummy is so full.”  And telling this story, he likes to say it was light outside when he started and dark by the time he finished.  I have a feeling it won’t be long before we have to order him TWO burritos!


Our 12-year anniversary was yesterday, so we hired a babysitter Saturday night so we could go out to celebrate.  This salad was SO GOOD, and we crushed two pizzas afterwards as well.  Love date nights!

After dinner Saturday night we walked around the town admiring the Halloween decorations.  The houses here go ALL OUT!

And I will leave you with the only picture I have from Trunk-or-Treat.  I literally couldn’t get them to stop moving long enough to snap a picture.  And when I asked Reagan how many pieces of candy she ate – she started counting on her fingers…”I can’t remember, Mommy…”

I hope you guys have a great day, and enjoy Halloween tomorrow!


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