Let’s catch up over coffee

Let’s catch up over coffee

Hello there!  Can you believe it’s already Friday!  This week went by fast, and I am thoroughly exhausted and super excited for the weekend to catch up on sleep (hopefully).  Today is the kids’ last day of Vacation Bible School, and because I’m not going into the office I am super giddy about doing some organization projects around the house for a few hours before I pick them up.  Wow, that makes me sound old!  But in any event, let’s catch up over coffee (or lemon water, or tea, or ice water).  Here’s some snippets into the McLean house from the last week.

Basement workouts (and figuring out my iPhone has a timer setting)!

I may be the last person on earth to discover that my iPhone has a timer option, but that doesn’t make me any less excited about it!  And now that our basement is organized, I am getting excited to start putting that basement gym to good use.  Last Friday I dusted off an old P90X video and got to work.  So fun to get a workout in without having to leave the house.

Extra passengers

My sister gave Reagan this little car carrier for Christmas, and it has provided HOURS of entertainment.  Last week Reagan insisted we bring her Christmas moose along on all of our travels, and she looked so grown up buckling her into the car seat and explaining why we need to ride in car seats in the car. Graham was less than enthused when he went to buckle his seat belt…

Swimsuit shopping on Amazon

I have been on the hunt for a sporty bathing suit to bring on our beach vacation next week.  I was hoping this would work, but sadly the top was too big.  At least Amazon gives you easy returns, and I could try it on in the comfort of my house.  I think I’m going to just throw a tank over my bathing suit top for extra coverage when I’m riding the waves.

Mom Taxi

Thankfully the craziness of summer camp shuttling is over (the rest of the summer Graham will either be on vacation with us or with family).  Reagan took this picture one afternoon last week during my taxiing them all over the place.  Can you tell by my forced smile that I’m over it?

Salad prep (and a rainbow of veggies)

Last week Nathan’s family was visiting, so we had 6 adults and 5 young kids all under one roof.  Mass chaos as I’m sure you can imagine!  But I wanted to prep as much of the food as I could before they arrived to try and minimize time spent in the kitchen.  So I washed and chopped lots of veggies so everyone could make salads for lunch.  Nathan also cooked 4 (!!) whole organic chickens on the grill to add to them.  Side note: has anyone ever eaten chicken skin right off the grill.  I think I may have discovered my new favorite food…

More kayaking

Last Sunday we spent a few hours on the river again, and it has proven to never get old.  Graham was a bit worn out and wasn’t up to paddling the entire time, so he happily “let me” tow him.  At least I had a buddy to chat (and take selfies) with!

Vacation Bible School rocks

As I mentioned above, the kids are attending Vacation Bible School at our church this week.  Graham went last year, but this is Reagan’s first time going.  And I am happy to report they are both having the time of their lives!  This picture was from Tuesday, where they each got to stuff two stuffed animals (one to bring home and one to send to a child who doesn’t have stuffed animals).  I love that they are learning how lucky they are to have the comforts they do, and the importance of sharing those comforts with those that don’t.

Peach pie season

I love peach season.  And what would peach season be without pies?  I made two because we had family in town.  I also brought a bunch over to my dad because peach pie may be his favorite thing in the world to eat.  Only a few more weeks of this and we will be moving on to apple pie season.  No complaints here 🙂

Tree climbing at its finest

Apparently going to parks isn’t just about playing on the equipment anymore – it’s also about climbing trees!  In his defense he was fetching a frisbee that had made its way up there.  Love his adventurous side!

We finally canned something!

We have been talking about canning for months, and last weekend we finally did it!  These are all dill pickles, and the two jars in the back are new dill pickles (which went right in the refrigerator to be eaten in a few weeks).  And Nathan sent me a picture from his garden at work with about 10 more huge cucumbers, so I know what we’ll be doing this weekend 🙂  Can’t wait to can tomatoes and peaches as well!

So that’s it from me today.  What do you have on the agenda this weekend?  Any other canners out there?



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