Let’s Catch Up

Let’s Catch Up

Hi everyone!  I hope your week is going well.  We are quite busy over here, trying to get used to our new routine now that school is in session.  But the kids are thrilled with their schools and teachers so it’s all smiles over here 🙂  I wanted to catch you up on what we’ve been doing over here, so let’s jump right in!

First day of school!  Armed with carefully selected outfits, new backpacks, full bellies – it was all smiles that first day.  Luckily those smiles are still there a week later.

Last Friday was the first day I’ve had solo with Reagan since school let out in June.  She definitely ate up all of the attention, and was excited to basically set the agenda for the day.  After lunch I asked her what she wanted to do.  Her response: “I want to blow something up!”  Okay then.  A little vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring at least satisfied her until Nathan got home (and she informed him that Mommy isn’t too good at science experiments).  No truer statement has ever been made…

Knowing this is my last year with her before kindergarten, I’m trying to be better about “ignoring the dirt” and just playing with Reagan.  Friday morning she was all about playing dolls.  So we dressed them up, packed them in their carriers, and brought them to the doctor.  Here she is showing off her homemade baby carrier my mom made her last year.  And yes, Baby wears mismatched shoes just like Reagan…

I’ve probably been having way too much fun with my Pic Collage app lately, but side-by-side comparison pics are so fun!  Here is a picture from Graham’s first ever day at “school,” and here he is going into first grade!

And here is a last year vs. this year comparison.  At their well visits yesterday the doctor informed me that both kids are growing and gaining weight nicely, but Reagan especially has jumped way up in the percentiles this year for her age.  She is tall and heavy!  Must be all that protein and fat they eat 🙂

Nathan has been sorting through vacation pictures from our “nice camera,” and sent me this one on Friday.  Oh how I wish I could transport myself to that moment where nothing mattered but hanging with my girl and dodging waves.

2 weekends ago was dedicated to our new landscaping, and last weekend was all about grass!  Saturday was another full day, and I managed to mow, run the aerator, rake grass clippings, push the seeder, and use this crazy slit seeder we rented.  It was grueling, but hopefully in a week or so we will see some major improvement in our yard.  The above picture is my aerator crew along for the ride.  Graham kept an eagle eye on the machine and would give me a thumbs up or thumbs down to let me know how it was working.

And here is the text message conversation between Nathan and my dad while I was pushing that beast.  My back and arms were SO SORE the next day!  At least I didn’t need to workout that weekend.

Saturday night after all the craziness we decided to visit the local food truck to bring home burgers and fries.  The kids demolished their meals, and after Graham finished his burger and fries he asks “what else is for dinner, Mommy?”  I guess we need to start ordering him 2 burgers?  OMG!

Cub Scouts!  Last Friday was Graham’s first ever pack meeting, and he looked so cute all dressed up in his uniform.  And Nathan is the den leader, and he was looking great in his very official uniform with all the patches showing the Eagle Scout rank he earned while in high school.  He even unearthed the belt he wore to a boy scout camp in New Mexico when he was only 15!  So official!

This guy has big fundraising goals this year, so we’ll be going door-to-door next week selling popcorn and Christmas wreaths.  Who could say no to a face like that?

Last weekend was our church’s big fall event, and the kids had such a blast jumping in the bounce house, playing bean bag toss, and enjoying water ice!

I also entered my favorite apple pie recipe in our church cook-off.  I didn’t win, but it sure was fun!  Next year I think I will take it up a notch…

So that’s what we’ve been up to around here.  How are you adjusting to the back-to-school routine?  What fall activities do you have planned?


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