Life Lately – January Edition

Life Lately – January Edition

Hi all!  Can anyone else believe we are almost through January?  Although I can’t really complain – the winter months are always tough for me.  I much prefer the other 9 months of the year where we can spend the majority of our time outside.  With all of that, I wanted to jump right in with some fun life updates for you.

Ninja Warrior training is still going strong.  This was one of the best presents we ever got the kids.  Being cooped up inside for weeks on end can wear on anyone, and I love the fact that they can burn some of that energy off in the basement.

Recent weeknight meal that I needed to put together quickly, so I went back to my childhood roots with macaroni salad!  Instead of tuna I used canned salmon from Costco, and the noodles are rice noodles.  But otherwise – it’s the same recipe I grew up on.  I threw some crackers and carrot sticks on the side and called it dinner.  The kids loved it!

We did some winter hiking a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t believe how great all that fresh cold air felt.  The trail was new (to us) and took us through multiple stream crossings and ended up at this great river with tons of ice formations.  The kids had a blast, and it reminded me that we need to make the effort to get out on the trail (even if it’s cold).  Fresh air is good for the soul.

Trying to keep this kid from walking directly into the river was tough.  She was SO INTO all of the ice!

Anyone else noticing that the days are getting longer?  I always can judge this by how dark/light it is when I’m driving to the gym.  I took this picture last week around 5:15pm and was just in awe of the beauty.

I love comparison pictures!  The picture on the left is from the very first snow we got after moving into our new house (2 years ago).  The picture on the right was from a week ago during a snow day.  2 years sure does change a lot!

I recently tried a new crockpot dinner (this one from Fitness Fatale).  And while it wasn’t a huuuuuge hit with the family, I thought it was absolutely delicious!  I might make another batch and just eat it for lunch that week.  I didn’t even need to add cheese (although I will admit I had a handful of tortilla chips on the side because for some reason I need crunch with my meals)…

I know I mentioned the other day that we’ve been doing some garage organization projects.  We are making huge strides, and here’s a progress picture from last weekend.  I feel like getting organized makes such a HUGE impact, and I can feel my stress levels getting lower now that we can see/find things (and no exactly where things go when you need to put them away).

Graham just participated in his first Pinewood Derby, and the boys had a blast!  I had no idea going into this how much work was involved, but getting to see the boys in their element last weekend was so much fun.

Reagan and I went to visit some friends last Friday, and the two girls were in heaven playing dress-up.  I love how they are at the age where they are creating true friendships and can play together so nicely.

When all else fails and I have no clue what to make for dinner – scramble!  This is rice, ground beef, and two eggs.  I probably added black beans and cheese later.  It’s so filling!  Bonus if you have some avocado to serve on the side.

Nathan got this amaryllis bulb for Christmas, and the kids have been enthralled with tracking its progress.  Can’t wait to see some blooms!

Nathan and I are celebrities!  We made the front page of my brother-in-law’s gym website on the proper technique for inverse rows.  I was way too excited about this 🙂

I love seeing some of the projects Graham comes home with, and this was no exception.  My favorite is that trees give us syrup.  I guess without syrup there would be no pancakes (or waffles, or waffle sticks…)

Last Sunday I made chicken soup (minus the noodles) in my crockpot.  I just put the chicken breasts in the crockpot with the veggies, broth, and spices and let them cook all day.  Then I just shredded the cooked chicken with my KitchenAid mixer and threw it back in.  The only reason I didn’t put noodles in was I didn’t want them to be soggy for leftovers.  Anyone have a trick for this?  We just served the soup with biscuits (and I had mine over rice the second night).

And with that I will leave you with a picture of the Eagle’s biggest fairweather fan.  He is a Chiefs fan through and through, but with the Eagles doing so well this year he’s decided they are his “secondary team.”

I hope you all are having a great week so far, and let me know what you’re up to in the comments section!


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