Looking forward to a new year

Looking forward to a new year

Hey there!  I am back from 5 days off with my family, and am feeling particularly jazzed about life.  The past 5 days were the perfect mix of family time, household chores, and nagging errands that have been on our to-do lists for quite some time (vehicle maintenance – I am looking at you!)  But we ended the weekend with putting the kids to bed nice and early and holding a “summit meeting” to discuss the next 3 months.  We started doing this last fall and it worked so well we decided to do it again for the beginning of 2018.  Nathan and I talk about household projects we want to accomplish, trips, fun family activities, and date nights.  We work through all of this, prioritizing things and scheduling everything in order to ensure we get things accomplished but still leave “white space” for family time.  And although the next 3 months are going to be quite busy, I’m super excited about finally checking some of these things off our list.  Among these are cutting a trail system through our back property (for hiking and biking), painting and decorating our powder room, and splitting a season’s worth of firewood.  We are both giddy with excitement – you know you’re an adult when…

I’ve never really been one to set official “New Year’s Resolutions.”  For some reason I don’t like that all-or-nothing mentality.  However, I do like the idea of a fresh start that the change over to the new year brings, so this year I’ve decided to just put some goals out there to the world and see what happens.

1.  Get back to reading

From the time I was a little girl I was quite the bookworm.  And I still have my complete collection of Baby-Sitters Cub books to prove it!  Unfortunately, I’ve really gotten away from reading over the past few years.  And I can’t even blame the kids for this one, as when they were infants and I was nursing them I used that time to read books (didn’t have a smartphone yet, which was probably a good thing).  But lately I find myself collapsing on the couch after a full day and reaching for my phone to zone out on social media.  Not my proudest habit.  So this year I am vowing to read more.  I have quite a few books “in the cue,” and I’m going to bring them downstairs so they are a good visual reminder.  Book suggestions welcome!

2.  Regular date nights

For anyone else with young kids, you know how easy it is to get caught up in life and kind of forget about your spouse.  But if it weren’t for them you wouldn’t have kids!  And my biggest fear is that the kids leave the nest and we forget why we got married in the first place.  So now that the kids are getting older and easier to leave with a sitter, we are going to get back to more regular date nights.  I think we will start with monthly, but ideally I think twice a month would be great!

3.  Sweat every weekday morning

As I mentioned in this post, Nathan and I are both striving for more energy.  We have found that the early morning workouts have really helped, and have decided to start with doing this every weekday morning (leaving weekends a bit more loose).  And while 5:30am comes quite early, I have never regretted a workout!  Part of me is thinking of doing a challenge of 100, where I do 100 push-ups, 100 bodyweight squats, and 100 plank plate pushes each morning.  I did this workout this morning and it took maybe 15 minutes and really got my heart pumping.  I will report back.

4.  Socialize more

Am I the only one who feels like I am running on a treadmill lately?  Last year was a busy one for our family, and I can definitely say a productive one.  We accomplished TONS around the house, and managed to do a lot of family trips/activities.  However, the sacrifice we made was by doing very little socializing.  We talked about this a lot last week, and are vowing to do better this year.  I used to be the “planner” among our friends, and was always the one suggesting and coordinating things to do.  And when I stepped back from that last year we stopped socializing as much.  So this year I am vowing to see our friends more, and even get the kids socializing more outside of school.

So that’s what I am focusing on this year.  Nothing earth-shattering, but I wasn’t looking to make any drastic changes anyway.  I like concentrating on the strategy of “adding and not subtracting.”  So instead of eliminating social media, I will ADD reading books.  In theory this should naturally decrease the amount of time I spend on my phone.  I also like to focus on just a few things, as I think that sets me up best for success.

So tell me – are you making resolutions/goals this new year?  What are you focusing on?

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