November Happenings

November Happenings

Hello all!  How is your week going?  I can’t believe we are halfway through another week, and already thinking (and talking) about Thanksgiving!  And apparently New Jersey decided to skip fall this year and just go right to winter.  And I am NOT happy about it…  Anyway, I owe you guys an update on what’s been going on around here lately.  So let’s jump right in!

I got these matching outfits for Reagan earlier this year, and she is still pretty obsessed with matching her baby doll.  She even asked me to give them both “two tiny braids on each side but NOT pulled into a ponytail.”  Mission accomplished.  I think I need to find more of these outfits for them.

I had my parent-teacher conference earlier this week, and Graham’s teacher displays the kids’ writing samples outside their classroom.  I love how he still spells phonetically, and love his use of the “…”  The next page said “playground!”  Not sure what that big orange thing is though…

Old habits die hard – I’m still taking pictures of most of my food!  This was a recent weeknight meal of chicken fajitas.  Served with a mountain of tortilla chips because if we have them in the house I will find them and eat them.

Graham is taking unofficial piano lessons (from Mama) – and he’s doing so great!  He now has about 5 or 6 tunes he can play (all by memory) and is constantly asking me for more.  Luckily I found a website with printable sheet music with basic songs he knows and loves.  I am torn as to whether to put him in formal lessons, as it still seems a bit young to me.  But he needs to learn to read music and proper hand position, and we’ve about reached the limit of what he will tolerate learning from me 🙂

This pictures makes me laugh (while simultaneously making me angry).  Last Friday Reagan decided to play “balance Mommy’s favorite pearl earrings on her phone” – which I knew nothing about of course.  When questioned about it, she gave me this blank stare and said she didn’t know where the earrings could have gone.  We found one, but the other is still MIA.  What they did find under the refrigerator (and stove, and coffee table, and couch)?  SO.MANY.TOYS!  Ugh.  I think things just travel further when dropped on hardwood floors.  Back to Kohl’s for a replacement pair…

Looking at this picture kind of makes me sad, as Reagan has juuuuust about outgrown her toddler bed.  Nathan is hard at work building her a twin sized bed, and I might shed a few tears when we move her into that.  But this bed will be passed down to her cousin, which makes it a “little easier” to let go of.

Cheat night!  I LOVE pizza – it’s one of those meals I could eat everyday (well, that and Chipotle).  Nathan and the kids actually prefer the homemade version (I’m not picky about my pizza) so I make the crust in my breadmaker and we add all.the.toppings.  Served with a side of root beer, and later apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  So satisfying.

I have no idea why I look to be in so much pain in this picture!  I had just completed my first trail run in YEARS, and I was honestly on cloud nine with how I felt.  I did 4 1/2 miles, and would have kept going if I wasn’t under a time crunch.  I am contemplating running this trail half marathon next May, and want to get a few “test runs” under my belt before committing.  13.1 miles on a trail could be quite an undertaking!  But what I love about trail running is there is no pressure to run at a specific pace, and the terrain really keeps things interesting.  Any local readers interested in joining me for this race?  They have a 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon, and 50k option (something for everyone I suppose).

While I completely despise “falling back” in November – who really wants to see it get dark at 4pm? – I will admit seeing the sunrise in the morning out our bedroom window is pretty cool.

When Graham gets hot (usually from wrestling with his sister) he insists on taking off his shirt to cool down.  I have had to repeatedly remind Reagan that girls can’t do this.  Just add it to the list of things boys can do and girls can’t (like peeing outside).

And I will leave you with a picture of a yummy salad from our most recent date night.  Why do salads taste so much better when somebody else makes them?

I hope you guys have a great rest of your week!

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