Outer Banks 2017

Outer Banks 2017

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Friday already!  Getting home from vacation on a Sunday really left me chasing my tail all week, and I am super excited to get caught up this weekend.  And did I mention school starts next week?  Our family is VERY ready for this, as I think the summer has been tough with the lack of routine – especially these last 4 weeks.  So with that, I am going to take a virtual trip back to the beach so I can remember all of the fun things we did last week.  It really was a wonderful vacation, and the kids are getting to great ages to really enjoy the beach.  It just keeps getting better!

My favorite boogie boarder!  He spent the week hanging with the older boys (ages 12, 10, and 8) and I have to say he really held his own.  Whether it was jumping waves, boogie boarding, or playing football – he was right there in the thick of it all.  He kept getting knocked down and his determination to “get back up again” really impressed me.  He is destined for greatness, that’s for sure!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on here, but these two have recently formed the most amazing bond.  Nathan was super dad last week, patiently taking her into the ocean to face the waves and building sand castles.  Even attempting to wash sand out of very fine hair (which is not an easy task – believe me)!

I’m sure you can tell by our long sleeves and sunburned faces that by the end of the week we had PLENTY of sun.  But that didn’t stop us from playing!  And yes, Graham’s face is white from all the suntan lotion.  Sometimes it was easier to just gob it on and hope it lasted more than 30 seconds before he jumped back into the ocean and washed it all off…

These two had quite the time hanging on the beach together.  And although she will sometimes give him the “Reagan scowl,” she loves her Uncle Goobers so much!

On one of the days the kids wanted to build a “hot tub.”  Graham was so proud that we dug this entire thing by hand.  And once it filled up with water it really did feel quite a bit warmer than the ocean.  The kids loved jumping over it (and in it)!

Loved spending so much time with my favorite guy!  He was a maniac on the boogie board…

Graham loved boogie boarding with Daddy as well.  We are trying to see if we can make it to the beach once more before the water gets cold.  September is supposed to be a great time of year to visit the Jersey Shore.

Cousin time!  These four get along so well, probably because they are all different ages and the “hierarchy” establishes a pecking order of sorts.  Graham looks up to his cousin Connor so much, and Reagan is obsessed with Kaileigh.

Thursday was a bit overcast, and the kids were definitely a little burned out from the beach and all the sun.  So we took it easy, explored some shops and stopped in at a cute little coffee shop in the afternoon.  I don’t think our kids have ever been in a coffee shop.  They were absolutely amazed at all the options!  And we told them they could each pick one thing to get (scone, smoothie, cookie, muffin).  And you know what they chose?  A bagel with cream cheese.  Our kids are funny…

Attempted sibling photo.  The top is one of many “outtakes.”  Yes, they appear to be pushing each other away while simultaneously attempting to steal the other’s shovel.  Sibling life at its best!

One of the evenings we were there we left the kids with my parents and snuck away for a fun date night.  We ate at a cute waterfront restaurant that is connected to a surf shop.  We sat outside listening to live music, enjoying burgers topped with fresh crab meat, and watching the kite boarders and this amazing sunset.  I think I might frame the second one.

We tried to get Graham in this selfie as well, but he had waves to ride.  Priorities…

Lots of cousin time last week.  Even though they live right next door, once school is back in session next week everyone is so busy with activities that we don’t see them as often as we would like.  Gotta soak in the time when you can!

My brother got a “trainer” kite from one of the surf shops while we were down there.  I am assuming the next step is to attempt kite boarding.  Looks crazy and hard and totally exhilarating!  Maybe next trip.

I never got tired of this view.  We were so lucky with a perfect week weather-wise.  The tire tracks are proof that we had 5 beach vehicles in our group.  So much fun driving right onto the beach (and so convenient as well)!

Nathan brought our nice camera with him, and he took some really cool pictures of the kids running along the shoreline.  Once he has them all cleaned up I will share them for sure.

Have I mentioned boogie boarding?  I did?  Well, they seemed to be doing this non-stop all week.  It’s quite the workout!

I don’t know if you can see it, but it says “McLean OBX 2017.”  Pinterest fail 🙂

Showing off our epic sandcastle complete with moat, watch towers, and a channel to the ocean.

There really is nothing like running along the shore trying to run away from the waves as they crash.

I am totally obsessed with this picture!  I might even have it printed on canvas.  Saltwater heals everything.

Until next year, OBX!

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