Recent Eats – Part 10

Recent Eats – Part 10

Time for another edition of My Recent Eats!  We just got home from the beach last night, and I am drowning in laundry and sand.  So I’m going to keep things simple today with lots of fun food pictures (part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5part 6, part 7, part 8, and part 9).  Enjoy!

This is pure summer on a plate.  Grass-fed beef burger, mashed sweet potatoes, a huge cucumber from Nathan’s garden (salted, because in my opinion that’s the only way to eat cucumbers) and some cherry tomatoes from the farm.  This meal didn’t stand a chance after a tough gym workout!

This was a recent Saturday evening cheat night, and since we had our nephew sleeping over we decided to keep it simple and make homemade pizzas at home. Hits the spot every.single.time.  I make the crust in my breadmaker, and we make 2 separate pizzas (the kids like plain cheese, while Nathan and I like all the toppings).  I have recently starting brushing the crust with olive oil before putting the sauce on, which I truly believe makes all the difference in the world. And we topped ours with fresh oregano right out of the garden.  I had this plate x2 (gotta embrace cheat night!)

This meal looks delicious, but was a bit thrown together.  We didn’t have enough leftover salmon, so I added some steak we had earlier in the week to make sure I had enough protein.  The sweet potatoes I coated in olive oil and salt and cooked in the oven (finished under the broiler because I like char).  For the zucchini I did a similar process, and before I put them under the broiler I added a bit of goat cheese to the top.  This meal was delicious!

Burrito bowl night!  If Nathan is at the gym and I am feeding the kids on my own, I almost always go to Mexican.  Always a winner in our house.  Rice, ground beef, black beans, fresh corn (cut off the cob and fried on the stovetop in butter), cheese, black olives, and cherry tomatoes.  No guacamole, but we did eat our weight in tortilla chips.  With corn and tomato season almost here, I am wanting to try canning some corn salsa for the winter months.  We’ve been saying we’re going to can every summer for the past few years, and this summer I think we will actually do it!  Any tips welcome 🙂

Recent weeknight meal of BBQ chicken with a side of awesomeness.  Seriously, I know it probably doesn’t look that appetizing in the picture, but I promise you it tastes so fresh!  It has rice noodles, peeled zucchini (just use a vegetable peeler to get those thin slices), cherry tomatoes, and corn cut off a cob and fried in butter.  Topped with goat cheese, toasted walnuts (350 degrees for 8-10 minutes), and fresh oregano.  If you’ve never toasted walnuts in the oven, DO.IT.  You’ll probably never eat a “regular” walnut again!

Lunch poolside from my mom’s birthday trip to Hershey.  Greek salad with grilled chicken.  I think eating food outside always tastes better!

I will definitely say that the days of planning intricate meals that include tons of ingredients and prep time kind of went out the window this summer.  But honestly, what more do you need than some grilled meat, potatoes, and veggies?  Usually around September I start getting the urge to use my crockpot more, and this fall I envision tons of chili, soups, and stews.  Nothing better (in my opinion) on a Sunday than watching football and smelling a huge pot of chili simmering away in the kitchen

When I was prepping lunch salads the other day I admitted to Nathan that I couldn’t bring myself to add grilled chicken to them.  I think we’ve just overdone it. Luckily Nathan felt the same way, and suggested grilling a whole chicken and shredding it.  So we tried it a few weeks ago, and it worked out perfectly!  Served with a side of mashed sweet potatoes, grilled zucchini, and our first garden cucumber.  Perfectly satisfying!

What have you been eating lately?  Do you use your crockpot in the summer?  What foods do you most look forward to when the weather gets cold?

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2 thoughts on “Recent Eats – Part 10

  1. Chili and homemade minestrone soup in the crock pot, yum!! Then watching football eating on our snack tables. Bring on the fall!

    1. One of my favorite memories from my childhood was a big crockpot of chili that we would turn into taco salads on a Sunday evening while watching the Eagles play. Love!

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