Recent Eats – Part 9

Recent Eats – Part 9

Hello and happy Wednesday!  Can’t believe we are halfway through the week already!  We are smack dab in the middle of summer, which means we’ve been eating GOOD.  Nathan has been grilling out almost every night, and I’m still astounded by the amount of produce that he brings in the door each day.  Pea season is over, and now we’re entering cucumber and zucchini season.  Tomatoes and green beans following as well.  And he’s been so diligent about back-planting new things when he rips out a plant that is done for the season.  Hoping to keep harvesting until frost, then we’ll take it indoors to try our hand at growing greens inside.  And we’re going to attempt making our own pickles this year.  Recipes welcome 🙂

And after that super long intro, let’s get to the next edition of my recent eats (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7).  Enjoy!

This was a recent weeknight dinner.  Grilled chicken sausage from Birchwood Farms, french fries (we love the Alexia brand), yellow peppers, and tomatoes.  In my mind summer means grilling meat and heaping your plate full of fresh veggies.  The only thing that would have improved this meal is potatoes from Nathan’s garden.  He’s hard at work on another box of potatoes, this time heaped with straw to hopefully yield bigger potatoes.  Gardening is such a science!

In our house we firmly believe that “Costco has everything.”  Even the kids use this statement almost daily.  I think we might need an intervention 🙂  But add frozen wild-caught salmon to the list of things you can buy at Costco.  So yummy!  And the kids agreed as well.  Marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, brown sugar, and sesame oil.  Add to that our first zucchini from Nathan’s garden (which he finished under the broiler to get that nice char on there), potatoes from his garden, and this amazing cucumber salad that was a hit with everyone.  Rumor has it the garden cucumbers are just about ready!

When Nathan and I go out for a date night, we generally end up at a Mexican restaurant.  However, we decided to get wild and crazy a few weekends ago and go out for burgers.  This one was so good!  Grass-fed beef, grilled mushrooms, and goat cheese.  With a side of plantain chips which were good, but honestly if I’m having a burger I want to eat my weight in fries as well…

This was my plate from the kids’ family birthday party a few weeks ago.  We ordered a box of subs from Jersey Mike’s, which has become our family’s go-to for family gatherings.  My mom brought potato salad, and I ate a ridiculous amount of these chips (also purchased at Costco).  Nathan was less than impressed, and stands firm that I should have stuck with basic Lays chips.  I guess you shouldn’t mess with a good thing!

To celebrate our kids’ actual birthdays (exactly one week apart) we gave them the option of eating out.  And without prompting (I promise!) they both chose Chipotle!  I always get the same thing – chicken burrito bowl with tons of pico, corn salsa, and sour cream.  We also enjoyed chips and guacamole on the side, and I brought cupcakes so we could sing and enjoy them after dinner.  Hits the spot EVERY.TIME.  And our big 6-year old has now graduated to a full-size burrito.  Lord help me when he hits his teenage years!

Recent weekday lunch of salad with grilled chicken and pistachios (with plain apple cider vinegar as a dressing) with a side of watermelon and my water bottle. Watermelon is hands-down my favorite summer fruit (followed closely by Jersey peaches), and this year we will have mini watermelons from our garden!  My friend brought a watermelon salad to a cookout last summer, and I’m dying to replicate it.  I think it had mint and goat cheese.  Any fun watermelon recipes to share?

Recent gym night dinner of local grass-fed steak (from our 1/4 cow we got back in March), potatoes from the garden (which were delicious by the way!) and tons of leftover veggies from the kids’ birthday party (minus the dip).  Nathan and the kids ate before I got home, but I hear both kids HOUSED their plates, and Graham was eating his dessert of an apple with peanut butter when I walked in the door.  And the next morning he ate 6 waffle sticks with 2 breakfast sausages and a huge glass of raw milk.  All that activity at camp I suppose!

Tell me what you’ve been eating lately?  What meal epitomizes summer to you?  Favorite summer fruit or veggie?

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4 thoughts on “Recent Eats – Part 9

  1. I need your cucumber salad recipe! We have a garden at school and the cucumbers are growing here like crazy!!! I’m running out of ideas of what to do with them…

    1. It’s so easy! I don’t have the exact measurements but I put soy sauce, a little brown sugar, garlic, and sesame oil in a bowl and whisk. Then add the chopped cucumbers and top with sesame seeds.

      We are overrun with cucumbers as well. Just tried making 2 jars of pickles last night! But now we need to wait 3 weeks to eat it…

        1. We have only done it once so we’re definitely not experts 🙂 But you boil a mixture of water, vinegar, and spices on the stove. Then add the cut up cucumbers to a ball jar and pour the liquid over it. It stays in the fridge for 3 weeks then you can eat them. We are going to try canning some this weekend. Same recipe, but canning it preserves it for at least a year. I’ll let you know how that goes!

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