Scenes from a fun (and busy) weekend

Scenes from a fun (and busy) weekend

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We were BUSY, but it was all good stuff and the kids really had a blast.  Although as I sit here on Sunday night typing this post, I am realizing why we’re trying to embrace the concept of being weird – even all these fun activities can take a toll on us.  June is super busy for us (at least the next 2 weekends) but then we are hunkering down and getting a few house projects done before the kids’ birthday extravaganza begins.  And with that super long intro, here are some scenes from our weekend.

Friday morning started early for us, as we dropped Graham off at the bus stop and headed straight to Walmart to pick up a few things.  Imagine Reagan’s surprise (and sheer joy) when she found out it was National Donut Day.  At least this allowed me to shop in peace while she simultaneously got good and sugared up…

Next up – a visit with Uncle Goobers!  She decided as we were leaving Walmart that we needed to pick up a donut to bring and share with her uncle.  I love these smiles!

Next up – a trip to the farm to stock up on some raw milk.  It’s always quite the process, as we’ve got to take Nathan’s truck, have enough coolers to fit the 18 gallons of milk (plus eggs and sausage), plus all this milk is HEAVY!  But this will last us about 7-8 weeks, so it’s well worth the trip.

Our next stop was Dunkin’ Donuts, which was the easiest place to meet my sister and share some of our milk and eggs.  And bonus, I got to see my adorable nephew (who is now a big brother!)  Can you tell he loves National Donut Day as much as Reagan?  And I cringe when I tell you this, but Reagan had yet ANOTHER donut (the nice guy behind the counter offered her one, and who am I to deny her a pink frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles.  Guess who didn’t eat her lunch that day?

After a trip to Shop Rite for groceries, lunch, and some books, this little miss was itching to get outside and enjoy the warm sunshine.  So we packed up Baby and headed out on our utility vehicle to pick up my niece at the bus stop. Benefit #897654 of living on a family compound.  Side note: I had to run inside real quick for something and as I’m walking back out I hear Reagan saying “smile, Baby!” as she was snapping pics with my phone.

This handsome guy was up early Saturday morning (sister bear slept until 8:30am!) and he was loving the solo Mom time.  We built this playground with one of his building sets, complete with monkey bars, swings, and a fire pole. Note the construction Lego man trying out the monkey bars…

Smoothie time!  Anyone else try and pack as much green into their smoothie?  Anyone else take pictures of their smoothie before they blend it?  I’m always so amazed that I can’t taste all the green.

Time for Saturday soccer.  This guy has really improved since the start of the season (read: no more karate kicks complete with sound effects every time he kicks the ball).  Only 2 weeks left – he has decided he wants to try lacrosse in the fall.

After 2 months of going, going, going – this date night was much needed.  We were out for over 5 hours, and it felt so nice to just sit, relax, eat, walk, eat, and catch up on life.  The huge ice cream cones at the end of the night didn’t hurt…

We spent about an hour sitting here, relaxing, and just enjoying all the people watching.  Lambertville is a small town just a short 20-minute drive away, but it’s such a contrast to living in the country.  We are hoping to escape here for a night away for our anniversary this October.

Time for church!  This is Graham’s “summer church uniform.”  He has something similar in the cold months.  So he basically only has 2 outfits he wears to church.  The rest of the time – sports clothes!

Hand-me-downs rock!  This was my niece’s old bike, and Reagan was more than ready for an upgrade.  Nathan and I are both THRILLED that it has a nice loud bell…

And with that, another weekend is in the books.  Next weekend is really busy as well, but it’s a good mix of social outings, family time, and kids’ activities.  We’ll hopefully be throwing some yard work in there too.  I hope you all have a great start to your week!

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