Sentence per picture – Christmas style

Sentence per picture – Christmas style

Hi there!  How is your week going so far?  Do you have any time off around the holidays?  Nathan and I went back to work Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, which was painful to say the least.  Note to self: working the day after Christmas is NOT FUN.  But we pushed through, and we are now in the middle of 5 days off in a row which is glorious!  With that, I am going to jump right in with a massive photo dump (and just ONE sentence per picture).  Enjoy!

SO MANY iced coffees enjoyed during the Christmas season.

No time to even look at the camera, as it was taco Tuesday!

I gave blood last week (in a bus, no less).

Christmas Eve-Eve and she is still “respecting the bird.”

My nephew is learning about selfies at a young age.

My mom made us Christmas placemats (and we actually enjoyed a meal served “family style” instead of just loading our plates at the counter).

Mom and Dad gave the kids the American Ninja Warrior course they wanted for Christmas (our basement is like Disney World now).

Lots of meals enjoyed with Nathan’s parents over the Christmas weekend.

Relaxing in Christmas pajamas and working through a new Lego set.

Really cool magnetic mosaic tile kit from Grandma (in Christmas pajamas of course).

Never get tired of watching the sunrise from our bed.

Funny faces with Grandma.

Getting piano lessons from Grandpa (with some accompaniment from Grandpa’s guitar).

Christmas Eve tradition holding strong (sloppy joes from a cute local deli).

I didn’t even notice the sky until Graham pointed out the amazing clouds (kids really pay attention to everything).

Had to take another picture because the sky was so amazing!

Santa came to our house (and left candy canes on the tree)!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care (and Santa used the front door because we had a raging fire going).

Hard to stop moving for a picture when there are PRESENTS to be opened…

Taking the tour of all the places Santa left presents.

Sharing Christmas morning snuggles with Grandma.

Graham got her a present from his holiday shop at school, and this might have been her favorite gift of the weekend.

2018 calendars with animal babies = a must.

Old-school Etch a sketch was surprisingly NOT her favorite gift – although she freaks out anytime brother bear tries to touch it…

This kid went a little nutty over all of the presents – she was physically SHAKING at one point.

Dress-up stuff is fun for all ages.

“Santa left me an ORANGE in my stocking!”

Surprisingly nobody has gotten poked in the eye…yet.

Happy Chiefs fans celebrating another win this weekend.

Looks of concentration and no time to pause for a picture when you are beading…

Christmas brunch happiness with a side of an elf on the Christmas tree.

Chiefs jerseys for both kids and lots of smiles getting ready to head to their cousins’ house.

Yes, I’m a sellout and wore a Chiefs jersey for Christmas – I grew up an Eagles fan and my poor dad and brother weren’t too thrilled with my apparel choice 🙂

My brother is quite the bartender…

A chocolate martini that tasted way too good and went down way too easily…

Her style choice is definitely eclectic (but as long as she is dressing herself I can’t really complain).

Happy boy with his dessert selections on Christmas – time to detox…

My Christmas dinner (most of these items we have been making for Christmas dinner ever since I was little).

My super reader showing off his skills for Amma during Winter Break.

And with that, I am off to spend some more time with the family on this first day of the new year.  Going back to school and work is going to be rough tomorrow!

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