Some Favorites on a Friday

Some Favorites on a Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  This morning the kiddos and I are headed to Diggerland with my parents and my nephew.  My parents have been talking about wanting to take the kids there for months, and the day is finally here!  Looking forward to riding some heavy machinery today 🙂  That being said, let’s jump right into some Friday Favorites.  Feel free to share yours in the comments.

Grilling whole chickens

Nathan and I were both super excited to try grilling whole chickens on the grill on Sunday (you can buy whole organic chickens at Costco, because they have everything).  The entire process was quite time consuming, with the prep work and the actual grilling time (plus taking all the meat off the bones).  But it was definitely worth it, as the chicken just fell off the bone (and the kids couldn’t stop eating it which is always a good sign).  Two chickens fed all four of us for two dinners, plus made enough for 10 lunch salads.  Can’t wait to try this again!

Baby smiles

My nephew Colton is growing so fast, and he’s so alert and engaged now!  My parents were watching him on Saturday night, and brought him over to visit. Reagan and I had the best time talking to him and trying to get him to smile.  She is definitely our little mother hen, and has started asking why I don’t have any more babies in my tummy…

Cousin sleepover

We were lucky enough to have my nephew Braxton sleep over on Saturday night (which was only his second sleepover ever)!  He was so much fun and such a sweet little angel.  He kept putting his hands up to have me pick him up, and I quickly realized we are about out of that stage.  Reagan is getting too big to carry for long stretches of time, which just reminds me how fast time goes.  But at least I have 2 little nephews to snuggle and hold.

Salad spinner!

With all the greens Nathan keeps harvesting from his garden, we knew we needed to bite the bullet and get a salad spinner.  Sunday was my first time trying it, and it was like Christmas morning in our house (we’re really exciting, I know).  Graham was probably the most impressed with it.  But it does a great job, and we’ve read that the drier the greens are the longer they will last in the fridge.  We eat the greens in our lunch salads everyday, and I use some of the heartier greens like collards to add to my morning smoothies.

More river fun

When the McLeans find something we like, we just can’t stay away!  Another river trip last weekend – perfect weather and so much fun!  We took our time, brought plenty of snacks, and let the kids out 3 different times to swim.  The one time we found these awesome rapids and all 4 of us floated down them in our life jackets.  We repeated that at least 5 times too!  And the kids were appropriately wiped out that night – win for the adults too!

Pool fun (and scaring Mommy)
This girl has absolutely NO FEAR, and insists on Nathan throwing her up as high as possible every time we are at the pool.  We are going to try and recreate this picture until she’s too big to throw.

Sweaty workouts

Last week the temps rose to the mid-90’s, and because the gym has no air conditioning it was ridiculously hot in there.  I took this picture after my workout, and it was 93 degrees (and HUMID) in there.  At least I’m sweating out all the toxins, right?

Family zoo trip

Last Friday we took the kids to the zoo, and we had so much fun!  It was the hottest day of the year (so far) but the heat didn’t stop us.  And luckily the zoo had all these cool misters around, and the kids probably enjoyed running through those more than seeing the actual animals!  We are planning on taking them back in the winter, as I’ve read that the animals are more active during the colder months.

Camp fun
This summer is Graham’s first time going to camp (up until this year he went to daycare year-round) and he’s seriously having the time of his life!  They have outside time, gym time, and snack time – what more can a boy want?  He goes on a field trip each week, does crafts everyday, and they bring in all sorts of fun programs for the kids.  They’ve had a reptile show, music programs, a video game bus, lacrosse clinics, and this week they are having 2 different science programs.  Can’t believe next week is his last week of this camp.  Next summer Reagan can go as well, and she’s already counting down the days!

That’s all I’ve got for you guys today.  I hope you all have a great weekend full of all sorts of fun summer activities!


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