Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth (and our weekend getaway)

Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth (and our weekend getaway)

I want to start this post out by apologizing for falling off the face of the earth last week.  I’m having a bit of an inner conflict when it comes to the blog, and last weekend I was about to shut the whole thing down.  Luckily Nathan talked me down off the ledge, and convinced me that I should keep it (but maybe scale back on the posting frequency at least for the time being).  I read all of your responses to my Reader Survey, and it seems that the majority of people who responded enjoy learning about my family and reading my lifestyle posts.  Who knew?!  So I think for now I will be posting mostly about life in general, and will sprinkle in some fun food and fitness posts when the mood strikes.  I think I just need to step back a bit and really analyze what I want out of the blog.  So with all of that, here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to over here!

Two weekends ago Nathan and I were able to escape for TWO NIGHTS to New Paltz, NY!  The kids stayed with my parents for half the time and my sister the other half.  They were sad when we came home 🙂  We rented this cute loft apartment above a carriage house we found on Airbnb, and it was the perfect home base for all of our adventures.

The first morning we slept until 8:00 (!!) and enjoyed a cup of coffee while enjoying the view.  We also spent at least 2 hours getting our lives organized for the fall (mostly house projects but also some bucket list items we don’t want to miss).

After grabbing an early lunch at a cute little spot in town, we decided we wanted to head out on an “epic hike.”  We saw this tiny structure on top of the mountain in the distance, and I told Nathan “I want to hike up there.”  After some quick research we figured out there was a trail head within walking distance of where we were staying.

Check out that tiny square on top of the highest peak!
Here it is up close…

The trail started out relatively flat, and went right by this beautiful lake.

Right after the lake is basically started going straight up.  It was quite the grind, and by the time we made it to the top I figured the hardest part was behind us. Not so much…

We hit a spot in the trail where there were two different options.  While we were standing there debating which way to go, a guy walked by and said “that way is the lemon squeeze – the harder option.”  Well that’s all it took to convince me.  Harder?  Count me in!  I guess I should have asked for more information on what a “lemon squeeze” is…

Entering the squeeze.  Obviously I hadn’t turned around and really studied what I was about to do.

Still smiling…

This is about the time I started crying and full-on hyperventilating.  I am definitely a bit claustrophobic, and this was INSANE!  Standing in line, basically trapped between people (there was a huge line behind us as well).  At one point the guy behind us tried passing, and Nathan started pushing me ahead.  I hated every.single.minute of this, and getting out was ridiculous as well.  It’s so tight that you have to take off your pack and hand it to the person in front of you.  Insanity!

The view at the top was worth it (once I was able to calm down a bit).  The feeling of accomplishment was pretty amazing, and I’m definitely glad we did it.  I don’t think I’ll ever do it again though.

View of the Mohonk Mountain House from the top.

Coming back down (the easier way this time).

My only criteria for dinner was burgers or pizza.  We needed major calories!  This totally hit the spot.

We both woke up ridiculously stiff and sore the next morning, so we decided on a FLAT “shake-out” walk to get things loosened up a bit.  I can’t even imagine how beautiful this is when all the leaves are changed!  We had a nice leisurely lunch, then headed home to the kiddos.  They had an absolute BLAST, and were tired but happy to see us.

It was so nice to be able to escape and spend time as a couple.  It seems like life is just moving so fast these days, and sometimes we’re acting more like the “changing of the guards” than a married couple.  We were able to talk about lots of things, including projects, finances, to future life dreams.  It almost felt like a retreat in a way!  And the area we visited was really nice, and we’re hoping to bring the kids there in a few years to explore more of the trails.


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2 thoughts on “Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth (and our weekend getaway)

  1. Hi Taryn,
    I wrote you a really long response this morning, but evidently didn’t send it properly — like failing to hit the submit button. 🙁 Anyone else do that?
    The short version is that I was scared right along with you during your telling of the lemon squeeze, but probably not nearly as much as you. (What state was this in? 🙂 ) My question to you is how did your gym workouts help you with this climbing adventure — physically, mentally and maybe emotionally? I’m glad you had time to talk and plan — so necessary to be on the same page. I’ll actually try to send this correctly! Good night!

    1. Thanks for your comment! This trip was in New Paltz, NY (a little less than 2 hours away). We had never been before!

      As far as how my gym workouts prepared me? I will say physically I felt strong. Kyle calls it “functional fitness,” so a lot of the exercises we do prepare us for “real world” activities (carrying a suitcase, hauling groceries in from the car, etc). I felt mentally strong as well (hence the idea that I NEEDED to do the harder route). I think emotionally the squeeze just really tested me. I will say your son is the ONLY reason I am able to finish hard things in life. So supportive, always believes in me, and pushes me to be a better version of myself.

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