States I have visited

States I have visited

When looking for a fun blog post, I came across the idea of listing all the states you have visited.  And while I haven’t seen nearly as many as Nathan – I think he’s been to 44/50 – I’ve done some fun traveling in my life!  So here goes…

Maine – Nathan and I spent 2 weeks at Acadia National Park in October 2010, and it was our last big trip before Graham was born.  It was such an amazing 2 weeks, and we did it all (hikes, bike rides, kayak trips, whale watching, exploring Bar Harbor, sunrise on Cadillac Mountain, popovers at the Jordan Pond House, and eating as much fresh lobster and blueberry pie we could handle).  We are planning a return visit in August of next year right before Reagan starts kindergarten.  I can’t wait!

Connecticut – Nathan and I visited Mistic, Connecticut in 2013 just 2 months before Reagan was born.  It was an awards trip I had won through work, and it was such a nice getaway before Reagan joined our family.  Because I was 8 months pregnant, I was a bit limited in what I could do.  But we had a blast eating fresh lobster, kayaking, exploring the town and little shops, and just spending quality time together.  I want to go back!

Massachusetts – while I have driven through Massachusetts a number of times to get to other New England states, my only official visit there was when Nathan and I ran the Cape Cod Marathon on our 1-year wedding anniversary (October 29th, 2006).  That experience deserves its own blog post!

Vermont – Vermont means skiing to me.  I spent a ton of time up there as a kid skiing at Killington, and was even part of a ski race team up there.  I don’t remember how old we were, but at some point my parents had to pull the plug on our ski weekends up there (and subsequently my ski racing career was cut short :-).  I’ve skied Stratton, Bromley, Okemo, and most recently Jay Peak.  We took Graham with us to Jay when he was 6 months old, but haven’t been back since.  I imagine in a year or 2 the kids will be ready.

North Carolina – We took a family beach trip to the Outer Banks back in August 2015, and it was one of the best vacations we’ve ever taken as a family.  My brother and his family were there, along with my parents.  We spent every morning at the beach, would eat lunch there, then head back to the house to shower. We all took naps EVERY DAY, then would head back out for dinner.  And just last month we spent another week down there, and my how things had changed!

OBX 2015

Florida – As a child I went to Florida to visit Disney World a few times.  As my mom refused to fly down there, we road the auto train both times which was a really cool experience as a child.  When my parents started wintering in Florida, we started visiting them every February (which started out as just Nathan and I, and has grown to include the kids as well).  We’ve been 7 years in a row I think (6 years highlighted below – I couldn’t find any pictures from our trip the year I was pregnant with Graham).

Colorado – The first time I visited Colorado was during high school when I had the opportunity to compete in the Junior Olympics for Rifle at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  I probably took that trip 3-4 times?  After college by pure coincidence I was offered a job in Denver (about an hour away from Colorado Springs).  I took a leap of faith and moved there, and as fate would have it met Nathan.  While we didn’t live there long (him maybe 4 years and me a year and a half) we definitely took advantage of every moment out there.  Skiing, trail running, mountain biking, hiking, snow shoeing – even running the seats at Red Rocks.  I like to say I fell in love with my husband and all things outdoor while I was there 🙂

Ski Colorado

Nebraska -When I lived in Colorado I was a pharmaceutical sales rep, and covered parts of Colorado, all of Wyoming, and a small area of Nebraska.  So while I never spent any extended time there, I visited there a handful of times to call on doctors within my territory.

North Dakota – As a sales rep, I was part of a district that included reps that covered Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota (as well as Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska).  When I first became a sales rep I had the opportunity to spend 2 days in North Dakota riding with the rep up there.  It was winter, and it was COLD!

Wyoming – The towns I visited in Wyoming include Casper, Laramie, and Cheyenne.  The most memorable experience I had up there was during a particularly bad snow storm when I was traveling home for the day.  I was in Laramie on my way to Cheyenne, then would travel south to Denver.  Nathan called me to tell me the road between Laramie and Cheyenne had been closed, and that I would need to find another way home (or stay the night in Laramie).  Much to his surprise I was actually already ON THAT ROAD!  It was terrifying, completely treacherous, and as I was exiting there were barriers up not allowing any other cars on.

New Jersey – I lived in New Jersey through high school, and moved back in 2006 with Nathan by my side.

South Dakota – While living in Colorado my sales district held a team meeting in South Dakota.  We all flew into the same airport, and when we landed our manager teamed us up and each duo was given a rental car and our first “clue.”  We spent the day traveling all over South Dakota “Amazing Race” style, so I got to see some cool sites.  Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Sturgis.

California – When I was in elementary school our family took a trip to San Francisco, and I have such vivid memories of that trip.  When I was a senior in high school my dad and I traveled out to Colorado so I could compete in the Olympic Trials for rifle.  That was an amazing trip, and my dad and I still tell stories to this day.

Indiana – When I was in college (sophomore year I think?) a few friends and I took a road trip to Indiana.  I don’t remember much about that trip besides cramming 6 girls into 1 hotel room.  My senior year of college I was awarded the NCAA Woman of the Year for Kentucky, and the banquet was held in Indianapolis.  I even got to meet Robin Roberts!

Illiniois – Nathan’s brother lives in Illinois, so we have traveled out there a handful of times to visit his family.

Missouri – Nathan’s parents live in Missouri, so we have visited them a handful of times as well.  We are hoping to bring the kids next year to visit and see where Daddy grew up.  We also have close friends living in Kansas City, so it would be fun to visit with them as well.

Georgia – When I was a sophomore in college the Kentucky Rifle team took a trip down to Fort Benning to train down there with the army.  I think we stayed for a week?  I also have driven through Atlanta on my way to Florida.

Maryland – I spent a week at a volleyball camp at the Naval Academy in Annapolis when I was in middle school.  When I was in college we traveled there to compete against the Naval Academy a few times.  I actually strongly considered the Naval Academy for college when I was a junior in high school.

West Virginia – My grandmother died when I was a freshman in high school.  Because she was buried down in Shepherdstown, WV (where she grew up) my mom and grandfather and I started taking annual trips down there every December.  We would leave on a Friday right after school, drive the 3 hours down there listening to Christmas carols, and do some outlet shopping and have dinner.  The next morning we would place a grave blanket on her grave and drive around the area looking at the house she grew up in, houses belonging to other relatives, and visiting her cousin.  After my grandfather died in 2001 my mom and I kept with the tradition and go every year right after Thanksgiving.  We so look forward to the trip each year!

Alabama – In college we competed against Jacksonville State University in rifle, and made at least 1 trip down there to compete.

New Hampshire – Nathan and I started visiting North Conway in the White Mountains right after we moved here.  It quickly became a favorite spot of ours, and we traveled there every fall to hike as many 4,000 ft peaks as possible.  We also took a trip there in the winter, but realized it was WAY too cold that time of year! Can’t wait to start taking the kids hiking there, and hopefully do a hut trip with them.

Wisconsin – When I was looking at colleges we visited Marquette in Wisconsin.  I distinctly getting stuck in ridiculous traffic on our way home and my dad saying “if you choose this school don’t expect us to visit you.”

Ohio – Our family traveled to Sandusky every summer for my brother and I to compete in the National Matches at Camp Perry.  Always a fun week!

Tennessee – One of the colleges I considered was University of Tennessee Martin, and we visited their campus during “the college tour.”

Pennsylvania – this is a pretty obvious one, as Pennsylvania is just a 20-minute drive from our house.  However, my biggest memory of that state was from my high school and college years when my parents owned a lake house on Lake Wallenpaupack.  We spent so many weekends up there doing every water sport imaginable (water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, and even wake surfing).  I have such fond memories of those visits.

Kentucky – I attended the University of Kentucky for both my undergraduate years as well as graduate school.  I shot on the UK Rifle Team when I was an undergrad, and acted as assistant coach when I was working towards my MBA.  That state has such a special place in my heart, and I miss it dearly.  A few years before Graham was born Nathan and I went back to visit for a Rifle Reunion, and I am hearing rumblings of another reunion next year.  It’s always fun to relive those years with the people I spent so much time with back then.

New York – this is also a state I have visited too many times to count.  My parents owned a cabin in the Catskills for over 30 years (they just sold it a year ago) and I spent so many weekends up there as a child, then later on with Nathan, then with our kids.  My brother and sister-in-law even got engaged at the cabin! Nathan and I fell in love with the serenity up there, and visited in all seasons to enjoyed all the property had to offer.  Last summer we spent a full week up there with the kids, and I love that they will take away their own memories from the cabin and property.

So that’s it!  I still have a long way to go, and Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest are probably highest on my bucket list items.  But my hope is that I get the opportunity to visit the remaining states, as I know they all have something to offer.

How many states have you visited?  What state is highest on your bucket list?  What state do you with you could live in?

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4 thoughts on “States I have visited

  1. Great post! I enjoyed reading about your visits to each state. Love how active you guys are – and that the kids have taken to it as well! 🙂

    I’ve visited quite a few states myself.. but it’s too early to list them now 😉

  2. Taryn, Thanks for sharing your travels and adventures! I feel I know you better.
    I don’t think I left Missouri until Charlie and I spent our first Christmas in Texas at his fraternity convention in Dallas. We stayed with my first college roommate and her husband. A few years ago I visited another former college roommate in San Antonio.

    Our family traveled to LaPorte, Indiana taking my mother-in-law to her 50 year high school reunion. Nathan and Aaron enjoyed our overnight stay at Turkey Run State Park.

    On our return trip from Indiana we visited President Abraham Lincoln’s historic site in Springfield, IL. Of course, we now visit Aaron, Amy, Lucas, Ella and little Mae in O’Fallon.

    Pensacola was where I first saw the beach as I attended a teachers’ conference at Pensacola Christian College.

    In the early hours of the morning we were to fly home from Florida, a friend and co teacher who had lived in Alabama and MISSISSIPPI drove us to the Bellingrath Gardens and to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Home.

    (To be continued)

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