Tons of life updates

Tons of life updates

Hi everyone!  I missed you!  Although stepping back from the blog has given me room to breathe, I won’t pretend I don’t miss it.  I love sharing my life with you all, and love the comments that come as well.  So I’m jumping on here today to update you on what’s been going on around here.  And yes, I know I owe you a recap of our camping trip earlier this month.  Just SO MANY pictures to sort through!

Reagan-Mommy Fridays are still going strong, and we both really look forward to them.  When I wake her up on Friday mornings and tell her what day it is, she goes “girls day – no boys allowed!”  We usually do things around the house, run errands, and sprinkle in stroller runs, trips to the park, etc.  Last Friday we also went to the library, and here she is all excited about her loot.

Ninja Warrior Training!  Neither of the kids are playing an official sport this fall, so I started taking them to Ninja Warrior classes on Tuesdays after school.  They are both absolutely obsessed, and are now asking Santa for an American Ninja Warrior course for our basement.  Here Graham is on the rings with Reagan climbing the rope in the background.  They change up the obstacles each week which keeps the kids guessing.  This week one of the challenges was monkey bars with a pull-up on each bar.  So hard!

Reagan got a hand-me-down bike from a coworker’s daughter, and it’s rekindled the kids’ love of biking.  We do this at least once a day, and she is really strong and learning to stand up to peddle when she’s going uphill.  Nathan is also on a mission to get those training wheels off.  The weather has been absolutely perfect for riding lately too.

This kid is looking way too grown up for my liking.  He’s a big 1st grader now, and doing DO WELL this year!  Reagan and I walk to the bus stop to pick him up on Fridays (it’s about 3/4 of a mile walk) and it’s so fun walking home hand-in-hand listening to him talk away about all of projects at school.  I love that he loves school.

Whenever we feel like we are getting caught up on house projects, we always seem to find something else to do.  Luckily we all LOVE being outside, so it suits our family quite well.  Here is the crew planting 100 daffodil bulbs last weekend.  The kids were both a bit confused as to “where they all went” once Nathan covered them up with dirt and mulch, but I am giddy with excitement over seeing these beauties pop up in March/April.

Nerf gun wars.  Apparently the kids are on the same team and I’m their main target?  Graham managed to hit me in the upper lip last weekend, and when I screamed he quickly said “Mommy, I’m so sorry.  I wasn’t aiming for your lip!”  So where was he aiming?  My shoulder of course…

We made the mistake of leaving the kids inside last weekend while I was mowing and Nathan was trimming.  When I came inside I found my freshly baked loaf of bread totally hollowed out along with a trail of crumbs leading to the living room.  When questioned, both kids pointed a finger at the other.  Graham’s logic was “it was Reagan’s idea” and Reagan decided she shouldn’t really be in trouble because “she used a plate and tried to eat over it.”  Lesson learned.  After this and the marshmallow incident from September, no more leaving the kids inside alone.

We seem to be running the birthday party circuit lately, and Reagan enjoys them SO MUCH!  Here she is making her friends laugh with her smurf face.  I think my hands were stained blue for the rest of the day after attempting to clean her up.  And she had a blue mustache for at least a day after this.

Date night!  Instead of waiting until we are desperate to get out, we decided to schedule some dates ahead of time with our babysitter to get back to more regular date nights.  Chipotle for the win (every.single.time).

This boy has been totally wiped out lately between 1st grade and Ninja Warrior training.  He definitely sleeps hard at night, and enjoys sleeping in a bit on the weekends.  I fear for the day where he will be getting the bus at 7am each morning…

I owe you a picture of Graham’s latest art project as well, but I need to take a picture of it.  Here is Reagan’s recent drawing – a monster “with earrings.”  I love that she loves art because I am really terrible at it (so maybe she can break the cycle?)

And finally…we are ready for Halloween!  Both kids are beyond thrilled about their costumes, and Reagan has been leaving red glitter wherever she goes now.  Costco for the win!

So that’s all I have for you today.  I hope your week is going well, and you are experiencing this beautiful fall weather (finally)!!


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4 thoughts on “Tons of life updates

  1. I’m cracking up over the kids eating the bread! (I guess I shouldn’t be) Who could resist freshly baked bread! I missed the marshmallow incident you mentioned?? I’m glad Reagan likes the library, biking, drawing and Ninja Warrior Training. Well rounded kiddo. I, too, love it that Graham loves school!! Tell him to keep up the good work! Such a sweet picture of Graham sleeping. He is growing . . . . Glad you have “scheduled” date nights!! Happy to see you back, but know that you enjoyed your breather. Do what works for you! Love you all!

    1. They got into a bag of marshmallows about a month ago. Again, seems to have been Reagan’s idea (but brother bear couldn’t resist).

      Thanks! Can’t wait to see you guys for Christmas!

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