What I am loving lately

What I am loving lately

Hello everyone!  We are officially back from vacation, and it’s been a pretty rough re-entry this time.  But last week was exactly what I needed to recharge my battery.  I probably slept 9 hours every night, didn’t wake up to an alarm clock once, barely ever checked the time, and spent TONS of quality time with Nathan and the kids.  And although I am staring at dirty bathrooms, mountains of laundry, and bags that need to be unpacked, I am feeling amazingly less stressed about the whole thing than I would have pre-vacation.  I have a list of things that need to be done, but I’m not allowing myself to stress over when they will get done.  And I can tell the kids feel this difference in my attitude as well.  They don’t do well when I am stressed (who can blame them?)  So I am making a conscious effort to let the little things go and focus on what’s really important.  It’s amazing what a week at the beach can do for you!

There are tons of things on my mind, and lots of things I want to share with you guys.  So today I’m going to list lots of things I am loving lately.  I would love to hear what you are loving as well!

Whenever I come back from vacation I always have the urge to eat all.the.veggies.  So Sunday evening I suggested cob salads and everyone said they were game. Nathan came inside with a HUGE container of garden veggies, so I spent some time washing and chopping.  Check out this awesomeness!  Greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and green beans are from the garden.  Also on top – hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, bacon, black olives, and shredded cheddar.  The only thing missing was avocado.

I am obsessed with Pic Collage.  I just love doing side-by-side comparisons.  Cousin beach picture from 2 years ago and from last week.  The difference is incredible (especially with Reagan).

A week away means we are up to our eyeballs in veggies (especially green beans and tomatoes).  The plan is to make a huge pot of sauce this week so we can can that.  The rest I will probably just can as whole tomatoes to be used in chili and soups this winter.  And the green beans – we found out you can actually freeze them!  Once we are done we will have pickles, tomatoes, and peaches canned – corn and green beans frozen.  Going to be a delicious winter!

The nice folks at Swanson reached out to me a few months ago asking if I wanted to try out some of their vitamins.  I haven’t been very consistent with taking vitamins lately, so I was super excited when this package arrived.  I am especially happy with the multi-vitamin that is made from real food, and the apple cider vinegar pills that I am hoping are working hard at keeping my immune system strong.

We are branching out from the kids menu!  I took Graham to Panera the Thursday before we left for vacation, and I helped “guide” him through his food choices. I assured him that this salad would be super yummy, and that he would still get a side of bread and butter.  After a few bites “wow Mom, this tastes way better than I thought it would!”  And he ate 90% of it and declared himself done.  Love what an adventurous eater he has become!

Feeling confident on the beach.  At the beginning of the summer I was feeling bloated, all of my pants and shorts were tight, and I wasn’t in a very happy place.  I re-evaluated my diet and started putting more emphasis on lifting heavier weights.  And I am happy to say I lost 4 pounds and more importantly dropped 4% body fat.  All of that hard work definitely paid off when I could confidently wear a bathing suit on the beach.

That’s all I have for you today.  I hope you are enjoying those last days of summer, because fall is most definitely on its way.  Apple picking, chili making, football watching, leaf peeping, sweatshirt wearing, pumpkin eating – my favorite season by far!

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